Custom Dunny offer from Bryan Collins

Dunny offer from Bryan Collins

In case you don’t already know, Bryan Collins loves customizing designer toys. He loves it so much he is offering an amazing deal to anyone who wants it, and wants to clean out their duplicate collector’s Dunny as well. Just send Bryan any 3″ Dunny with box and accessories/stickers and he will send you a custom, hand-painted Dunny in return for just $35. You can send an unopened blind box, a duplicate from your collection, or a common Dunny you pick up on eBay for 99 cents. It doesn’t matter. Just send a 3″ Dunny WITH box and any accessories/stickers and $35 and you will get a one-of-a-kind hand-painted ORIGINAL “blind” Dunny in return.

Bryan’s custom toys have been seen at Art Whino, Monkeyhouse Toys, Uberbot, Gallery Underground, Joy Engine, and more. If you want to participate, email Bryan at for the mailing address.


I paint mostly with acrylics, and illustrate mostly with Prismacolor pencils. I like to work on canvas, panel, and designer toys. I like bold, vibrant colors. I like coffee and fishing.

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