Simon Corry wins at the Type Directors Club

The Type Directors Club

The Type Directors Club

One of the most prestigious institutes for awards in the design industry, the Type Directors Club announced earlier that Simon Corry would be amongst those (chosen as winners) to appear in this years addition of the Type Directors Club Annual. The work in question was chosen by the TDC. for devotion to excellence in typography and appeared in the 2008 ‘College Addition’ of the New York Times Magazine.

Titled: thinker; the piece is a combination of illustration and typography intricately produced in the style of Simon Corry’s illustration ‘the world of mylaststar…’.



It’s worth mentioning that it is a rare honor for type produced in the style of illustration to receive such a commendation making this great news indeed for the world of illustration.

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The TDC logo is copyright of the Type Directors Club
thinker. is copyright of Simon Corry and mylaststar


Simon Corry is a freelance illustrator, graphic designer, multimedia artist and online marketing specialist based in Falmouth, United Kingdom. Simon's work has ranged from promotional and educational material to website and multimedia design (CD/DVD & animation), encompassing a wide birth of disciplines from graphic design and illustration to multimedia design and programming. A true passion for design and functionality has seen Simon produce a diverse range of work and many of his illustrations have been featured in projects that have been both compelling and challenging in today's current climate. The work shown has been produced using a variety of mediums some of the most common include: a mechanical pencil, professional Marsmatic Fineliners, Letraset ProMarkers & Tria Markers and Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Flash & InDesign. Recent work has been been published in the New York Times Magazine, used as branding for the Merry Andrews Show, printed as part of the Big Chill Festival's 2009 poster campaign and featured in the the Type Directors Club annual 2009. for more information, examples of work or to hire me please don't hesitate to... contact me: Send me an email or visit:

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