Shannon Bonatakis at Rivet Gallery

Shannon Bonatakis at Rivet Gallery

The amazing Shannon Bonatakis is having an opening at the Rivet Designer Toy and Art Gallery in Columbus, Ohio. The exhibit will feature some of her recent drawings and paintings.

Here’s the skinny:
Opening March 7th at 7pm (show runs March 7-31)
At Rivet Designer Toys and Art Gallery
1200 N High St Columbus OH 43201

Thom Glick

Thom Glick floated up from the bottom of the sea. After scientists cleaned the barnacles and seaweed from his sponge-like body, and equipped him with a magic salt water chest cavity breathing implant, he was secretly allowed to join the population of land dwelling humans. Now living among us, Thom is slowly documenting life on the surface with his abstracted visual interpretations and nonsensical babble writing. To maintain an appearance of normalness, Thom lives with his cute surface dweller girlfriend, Zuz, and their fuzzy teeth monster, Pilot. education: Columbus College of Art and Design

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