Olly Paterson: The Illustrated Edinburgh High Street

Olly Paterson: New Blog

I have started a new Blog celebrating some of the more unusual, striking or just plain weird looking shops found around Edinburgh. You can also check out my commercial work over at www.opillustration.co.uk

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  1. Constance Whippman says:

    These illustrations are wonderful, aboslutely wonderful. Really make me want to come to Edinburgh. Thank you for sharing these. Kind regards, Constance Whippman [Is your work for sale?]

  2. What kind words, thankyou. I’m glad they make you wan’t to visit Edinburgh, I worried they might have the opposite effect on people!
    Yes they are for sale, if you are interested in purchasing originals or prints of my work just email me through my website. Many thanks for the interest.

  3. Constance Whippman says:

    Checking in again to see what’s new. More, more, more. CW

  4. Me says:

    What did you use to colour in the drawing??

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