Ricky Butler Bio

I graduated from Norwich School of Art and Design in 2003. I am always working and building on my portfolio for freelance illustration.
I work with mixed media and am always using new materials in my work, I like change within my work so I'm always looking for different ways of creating an image while keeping my work conceptual.
My drawings and collage that i create are reworked digitally, and I try to create a variety of texture and depth in my work with the building up of layers.
Anything and everything seems to inspire me so my work is a response to the world around me and the people in it, making it contemporary as the ”now” is very important within my work and i like the idea of story telling.
Applications for my work include: commercial and private commissions, editorial work for magazines and newspapers aimed at modern culture and society as well as science and technology, Product packaging opportunities, and licensing opportunities.

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