Michael Grills – Underpainting in Adobe Illustrator

A process video from a new project I’m doing for myself. I plan to have about 6 of these portraits by the end of the summer and 12 by the end of the year. The video shows my process of building a digital underpainting.

Michael Grills

Michael Grills Illustration was established in 2005. Since then I have been collaborating with art directors just like you. I promise you’ll get more than what you expect from an illustrator. I pride myself on understanding your needs, honouring my commitments, and providing the best quality; all under a strict deadline with absolutely no surprises. I combine the traditional craftsmanship of engaging compositions, color theory, and layout in a new digital form that uses vector shapes to create exciting portraits of celebrities, politicians, and business people. I am a lifelong learner and pride myself on adaptability in any project circumstance. You’re kept in the loop no matter what is happening so that rest assured, your weekend won’t be spent worrying about Monday. I love art and business so if you ever want to talk shop, need me to propose on a project, or just want to subscribe to my updates then please contact me. I work from my studio in Calgary Alberta and live with my wife, two children, a fish and a gecko. Email:art@michaelgrills.ca or Phone: 403 921 6112

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  1. Tristan Emmerson says:

    I greatly enjoyed watching your piece unfold in your video series. If you would please share how you came to become so adept in illustrator, it would be greatly appreciated. Please point me in the appropriate direction so I can attempt to learn some of these skills. Thank you in advance.

  2. Thanks for the comment Tristan.

    To become adept in illustrator I have just tried to solve a variety of problems over my career. For each problem I researched the fastest and best method. This particular method came out of a need to take my art in a different direction and has taken many years to simplify for my own needs.

    I recommend that anybody who wants to learn just take on some projects and then search for answers to best solve those problems.

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