Suit Up – the Australian custom card show

Suit Up – the Australian custom card show
The Suit Up Launch Show

Witness a spectacle of playing card finesse in a show like no other featuring nineteen Australian artists from Street Art, Comic, and Illustration backgrounds.

Suit up was formed as a collaboration in the true sense of the word with four artists working together to create a theme for each suit and bringing stylistic cohesion to the deck as a whole. Each artwork is lavishly detailed and stunning in its own right, playing cards have never looked so good.

No Vacancy Gallery
27-33 Red Cape La,
QV, Melbourne.

Opening night: Friday 13th of February
Running until 23rd of February (gallery closed on Mondays).

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Sean Kelly has been producing work as a freelance artist since the late 90’s. Over this time his work has evolved from traditional media illustrations and storyboards to digital illustration, graphic design, video art, event production, 2D animation and motion graphics.

Sean produces video and VJs under the name Kontinuum.

Bucket ’o’ Thought is a production company run by Sean and his brother Steven, producing comics, tee-shirts, artwork and animation.

Sean is also the designer, event manager and founding member of Krachmacher, dark DnB parties running since 2001 in Melbourne.

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