Method of Exercising a Cat

Method of Exercising a Cat

I did this recently for Spectrum magazine, put out by the IEEE, to accompany an article about a recent Supreme Court decision that would make the patenting of purely ideas, or business methods, more difficult.

I think it could make a pretty cool t-shirt.


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  1. Alex says:

    Just fantastic.

    T-Shirt! I demand a T-shirt!!! Would pay the Big Bucks for a T-shirt!

  2. It’s cute, but for one thing. The cat on the far left, leaping into the air? It has a clearly depicted asshole. Now I know that, anatomically, that makes perfect sense, but is it really necessary? I mean, I appreciate illustrations of kittens asses just as much as the next guy, but does that mean it has to infiltrate every facet of art? Aren’t the refrigerator magnets enough?

    Signed, A concerned, less than enthusiastic kitten asshole aficionado.

    P.S.: That cat is the size of your hand.

  3. mckibillo says:

    OK, concern noted… now please go find yourself a nice therapist with whom you can work on your obsessions. Good luck.

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