Image Revolver’s $100 Illustrator Contest

Image Revolver's $100 Illustrator Contest

Image Revolver is finally launching for sales on March 11th. To kick it off we are holding an art submission contest. The illustrator with the highest number of accepted illustrations wins – simple as that. Win or lose, accepted work will still be sold on the site. We are doing the same thing for photographers, so feel free to let friends know about the contest.

For those of you who don’t know us, Image Revolver sells illustration and photography as printable downloads and as giclee prints. True to the microstock business model, we believe that selling art online is most profitable for artists when it is affordable for a wide market of buyers. One of your own, the super-talented Kareem Rizk, is a featured member.

To check it out, go to


Co-founder of the community-curated art site Image Revolver. I live in Philadelphia with my wife Tal. Interests: illustration, photography, MMA, sheetrock, making my cat do backflips, preparing hummus.

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