haunted house of projects site update

T-shirt design, ink drawing with digital color.

hauntedhouseofprojects.com houses work by Artist-Illustrator Kathryn DiLego & Writer-Filmmaker Richard Kaponas, and has been colossally updated. The Everyday Drawings section features new sketchbook pages with allegedly humorous captions, and the Film and Video section has been redesigned. New Illustrations abound, such as this dashing little t-shirt design entitled “Cameo.” Intrepid visitors will also find a link to hhop’s new etsy shop hawking hand-pulled screen prints and original drawings.

Kathryn DiLego

Like a form of productive dreaming, my obsessive but relaxed style of drawing is how I deconstruct and reconstruct the constant visual input of my waking life. I earned a degree from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston. My editorial illustrations have been published nationally, and my fine art seen in galleries in New York, Los Angeles and London. In addition to my freelance experience, I held a staff design position with legendary letterpress printer Claudia Laub. I've worked as a Production Designer and created prop art for films, and designed custom print projects for private and corporate clients. I've also self–published trading cards and hand-bound artist's books. 'haunted house of projects' is the name of the studio I share with writer-filmmaker Richard Kaponas. our website: www.hauntedhouseofprojects.com

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