‘Carnival of Crete’ by Stelios Kalogerakis

I am currently art-directing and illustrating leaflets for the alternative carnival celebrations in Crete, the famous cosmopolitan island of Greece. This year’s theme was “water” so I created liquid forms avoiding an overdose of the cold blue and purple colours.

I co-operated with 3D Animator Petros Naoumis, who created the 3D models of the ice dolphin. The mascot got dressed in many different suits for the different events including: art exhibitions, cultural events, masked parties, theatre, etc. Many celebration nights from the 6th of February and for a whole month, from the third of March.

There have been produced several leaflets announcing the carnival events. The parade takes place is in the town of Rethymno, Crete on Sunday, 1st day of March.

Stelios Kalogerakis

Visual designer, illustrator and author from Greece.

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