The Evolution of the Times’ Op-Ed page with Art Directors J-C Suares, Jerelle Kraus and Artist Brad Holland

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Suares, Kraus and Holland will discuss the beginnings, the development and the current state of The New York Times’ Op-Ed page, whose illustrations started to revolutionize journalism in the 1970s. The lecture will focus on the Op-Ed’s use of illustration over the years, how illustration is commissioned and why, the artists that helped create its image and the importance of message-driven illustration.

Moderated and coordinated by Fernanda Cohen.

The lecture will be followed by book signings by all three authors.

Limited to 120 people.
Wednesday, February 4th, 2009/ 6.30-8.30
Tickets: $15 (non-members); $10 (members); $7 (students)

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