Sketch-o-rama from an imaginary place – Charmagne Coe

Sketch-o-rama from an imaginary place - Charmagne Coe

Come by and visit my sketched imaginary friends… romantic, toothed and willy-nilly. I post many of my ink drawings at my art blog. Hope you are all having the beginning of a wonderful new year!

Charmagne Coe

Charmagne Coe is an American surrealism artist. She creates inner and outer-worldly paintings with watercolor, ink and pastel. Inherent is a deep respect for the nature of automatism, the Spirit and contour line. Her work has been included in publications such as Utne Reader, Luxe Interiors + Design and Creative Quarterly. When she is not working in her little studio, she participates in international exhibitions. She also expresses wild expanses and heart-achy characters in pen and ink. Visit her website at

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