Shin Tanaka x Scion x Giant Robot

Shin Tanaka 4-in-1 Robot Commissioned By Scion

Scion, Asian and Asian-American pop culture magazine Giant Robot and artist Shin Tanaka bring cut-out fun to all ages and paper toy enthusiasts alike through special templates included in select Giant Robot issues.

Tanaka's first template appeared in Giant Robot issue 56 which also featured an interview with the artist himself.  The second template followed in issue 57 which is out now, and the third will be featured in issue 58 which hits streets on February 9, 2009.  Readers can cut out the templates and fold them following the simple instructions to make their own robots.  Readers who create all three figures can assemble them to create Tanaka's larger “4-in1 Robot” commissioned by Scion.

Tanaka, who was born in Fukuoka, Japan, is an artist who creates imaginative paper toys, figures and sneakers with precise details.  When he was younger, he began creating paper sneaker replicas with complete detail because he could not afford to buy all his favorite shoes.  Since then he has collaborated with Nike, Adidas and Reebok to create custom footwear and exhibited in Berlin, Hawaii, and Portland, Ore.  He recently participated in the Kennedy Center's show “Japan! Culture + Hyperculture.”  Tanaka offers most of his fun templates for free at his website where fans can download them, to print, build and customize.

Like Tanaka, Scion encourages personalization and free thinking.  Scion continuously supports artists and brings their work to new audiences as customization and creativity are some of the brand's core values.


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