Randy Laybourne’s 20X20 show

Randy Laybourne's 20X20 show

Randy Laybourne's 20X20 show

My solo show of 20X20 work is finally here. The first ever showing of all 20 images will be at Swiv Tackle Circus in Oceanside, California. The series was a big labour of love and took over 2 years to finish.

The opening is Jan 17, 2009 starting at 6 pm and goes to 10 pm. It will be up for a month, until Feb 16, 2009. And we (Dustin Koop, John Antoski, Mike Carter and others) will be doing a Zine Work Shop Jan 25 (12 pm to 4 pm). It’s open to the public and everyone can stop by to cut / paste / photocopy and raise heck all over the place. Also I have a time-lapse of me working on one of the pieces.

randy laybourne

I have a bad addiction to drawing. during meetings, movies and long talks with my therapist. Well actually the drawings are therapy. Photos get taken by me as well. And sometimes they combine together. check out lookforwardtothepast.com for more. Much thanks!

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