PLUMP – The Snow Ball

PLUMP - The Snow Ball

PLUMP – Art and Music this saturday in Los Angeles

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A native of France, born of Italian parents, Liz grew up in Los Angeles. She is inspired by urban themes and loves to portray the beauty she captures in the raw and industrial aspects of city life. Her individual mixed media technique begins with the manipulation of her original photography collaged onto an acrylic painted canvas, finally blended within layers of colorful acrylic washes. She began this series of works with landscape paintings of the streets and alleys of Downtown L.A., a city that is changing and developing rapidly. Her artwork captured some of the disappearing traces of History and the authenticity of a neighborhood now in full bloom. Her more current work is sometimes less lifelike, as she utilizes various architectural details found in her photos to create more complex graphics, structures and imaginary landscapes, while using shapes reminiscent of street art found in the very same cities she photographs. She’s also widened the scope of the areas she explores in her imagery to the less explored industrial outskirts of Los Angeles. “I try to capture and share the beauty I see in these desolated and mysterious areas that are unknown to even some of the born and raised Angelenos…”. She is currently starting to work on a brand new series of paintings inspired by New York, which will be shown later next year. Liz graduated in 2002 from Otis Art Institute with a BFA in Communication Arts and now works as a graphic artist from her studio in Downtown Los Angeles. Over the past couple of years, Liz has established herself as a local emerging talent and is now represented by galleries such as Thinkspace in Culver City, C.A.V.E Gallery in Venice, and Wide Painting in Paris. She also works with “The Werks Project Agency” on more commercial endeavors.

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