Mixtape Zine #8 Available Now!

Mixtape zine #8 available now

Hot off the press limited edition mixtape zine, issue #8 which features Madeleine Stamer’s illustration ‘welcome’ on the front cover is up for pre sale NOW available at: mixtapezine.blogspot.com

Front cover artwork by madeleine stamer (www.littlecircusdesign.com)
Mixtape is a collision of craft, eco-cool and pop culture kitsch

Official release date: 11th March 2009 

madeleine stamer

Freelance artist Madeleine Stamer's contemporary illustration and works on paper comprise of gentle yet slightly surreal imagery that delivers an edgy punch. Her metaphoric style echoes imagery found in Mexican folklore such as the Day of the Dead. In the eighties she was involved in the emerging Melbourne underground graffiti and street art scene which she notes as having a huge influence on her art. Her distinctive free-hand drawing features rich decorative line, beautiful flowing patterns and quirky characters reminiscent of her childhood hero Miffy.

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