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How evil are you, would you steal candy from a baby?

I really don't think I am evil. I would rather share candy with a baby than steal it from a baby, I'm not even sure what kind of candy a baby would be eating or have on them at any given time of the day – and if they did happen to have candy, they'd probably be eating it and baby's are way slobbery – so say I was going to steal it, I'd nab it and it'd be all slimy w/baby slobber & It'd probably slip out of my greasy hands – but even if I was going to share it, I'd still have the same slip slime problem & if I didn't know the baby all that well I don't think I'd wanna chomp into a slobbed up candy from some weird little kid.

How many toys do you own and do you play with them?

I own a bunch of toys. Once someone sent me the head of a big pee wee doll.

I usually just set them up around where I work & live because I enjoy toys & looking at them can sometimes cheer up your day. – – but I recently have started playing with them again thanks to The Notorious AEA. We recently picked up a little Ewok, a mini Mike Tyson and the purple alien from that program Battle Star Galactica – when we got home we played w/these guys along side some farm animals & a piece of yarn.

What is the longest length of time you have spent on a project and what was it?

I'm not sure. Sometimes it takes me forever to even figure out what I am suppose to be doing, but then maybe like two weeks later something will click & I'll get it all done in one night.

If I had to pick one thing it would be the process of designing & then getting a sculpt made & approving it for my Evil Ape figure, that took awhile – just because I was overly picky with it & asked for changes & changes (toy2r had great patience with me!) – so maybe that is the thing I stayed with the longest – from original drawings to holding a vinyl proto-type in my hands – you're probably wanting to know how long it took, I can't remember – but it was awhile…

Apart from illustration what other things are you into?

Talking to & observing Old people (you can learn a lot), going to the store and looking thru magazines, eating pizza, I like to go to new york & just randomly walk around neighborhoods I don't know, making videos, staring blankly at the wall trying to figure out what my problem is, going to see chopper, watching movies (just watched a scanner darkly last night – it was pretty good, Philip K. Dick seemed like a wild guy..), I like to make recordings, listen to music – all that stuff… A friend just gave me the new TV on the Radio – def good…

Who are your favourite artists &/or illustrators alive today?

I like Mickey Duzy, James Jarvis, Joel-Peter Witkin, Magmo the Destroyer, Ben Jones, Barry McGee, Le Merde, Fawn Gehweiler ,Raymond Pettibon, Todd James, Harmony Korine, Paul McCarthy, Kaws, Ari Marcopoulos, Fafi, Daniel Johnston, Kid Koala, Neck Face, Wrecks, Ken Kagami, James Quigley – this is a partial list, just off the top of my head here & now – lots of good folks out there….

Which galleries have you shown at and which galleries would you like to show at?

I have shown at the Orchard Street Gallery (NYC), Adicolor Studio (Berlin), Drive-In Studios (NYC), MF Gallery (NYC), Stephan Weiss Studio (NYC), MODA3 (Milawaukee), David Adamson Gallery (Washington DC), Gomi Gallery (Austin, TX), 147 Wooster Gallery (NYC), Issue Project Room (NYC), MASS MOCA, Zietgist Gallery (Portland Oregon), Somerville Arts Center (MA), Compound Gallery (Portland, Oregon), The Showroom (NYC), Mixi-Bang (Pasadena, CA), Gallery 1988 (LA, CA).

As far as which galleries I'd like to show at… If it's a good show – any!

Are you involved in any collaborative projects at the moment and is there anyone you would like to work with?

I like doing collaborations. I kinda have an ongoing collab w/Magmo – we pick it up when we have time & see what happens – we may do another show together this year.. I have also been working with Niko Stumpo & I think we will go wild in ‘07 with new stuff, There is talk to do a collab zine w/WRECKS (if I ever get some drawings done!) & I think myself & Cupco will be doing a doll design together – -that'll be fun…

What’s next in the pipeline for Evil Design?

New toys – the Evil Apes series will continue, WZRDS will be out soon & new guys… I have a few Buds coming out w/Jamungo, possibly some Mimobots, a Teddy Trooper in the series 2 roll, a pillow & shirt w/ Owl Movement, maybe some bags w/TRK&FLD, a puker CiBoy… Bunch of stuff…

Umm… I might bust back into doing more shirt designs – I got kinda bogged down w/other work, but folks are asking for tees & stuff – so I hope to get goin on that soon… Not sure what else – – – we'll see, we'll see…


A big shout out to James Brown (both of em…)

Carrots or Peas?

I like em both. Raw carrots are good. Have you ever had pea pasta? It's nice.

Freddy or Jason?

Interesting Question… Can you choose?

1st thought was Jason, he came out first & one of the first R rated Horrors I saw in the theatre at the mall was the Friday the 13th w/Crispin Glover & Corey Feldman in it – & that's an awesome one – when Feldman recreates Jason as a boy – – classic classic scene..

But Freddy is cool too… That 1st Elm St is a great movie – Johnny Depp getting all sucked into the bed & is that the one where the girl eats coffee grinds & washes em down w/coke – that'll freak you out… You ever try it? Wild wild – – and that part with all the screaming faces in Freddy's belly – I think that's in a later one… Anyways….

I dunno – tough to choose… An' ya know what… I never watched the picture Freddy vs. Jason.. Maybe deep down there is a reason I pass that video up at the rental shop — I cant choose one to root for… I couldn't bear to see em fight – maybe they become friends in it – -I'll never know….

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