Karen Caldicott – Craft Magazine (UK)

Group shot (photo Matt Aarvold)

Karen Caldicott‘s clay heads: Article in Craft Magazine (UK)

Group shot (photo Matt Aarvold)

karen caldicott

studied Royal college of Art, London
lives and works Hudson Valley, New York.
Clients include: New York magazine, New York Times, TIME, Fortune, The New Yorker & others.

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  1. karen elrod dismukes says:

    i purchased this magazine and found it extrodinary but that is the beauty of the 360 world we live in i have been in ladies retail for forty years and would like to contribute to others. the humble are beautiful the ordinary are joyful choirs the are kin loving and compassionate i would like to recognize the beauty of the common man i am involved in a retreat center of mind body soul and my name is karen maybe the usa connection email me please

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