Hearts of Men by Kurt Huggins and Zelda Devon

Hearts of Men by Kurt Huggins and Zelda Devon

Pencil sketch. Photoshop color. 300 dpi. 10.5″ x 14.25″

A heart devouring Aztec God is resurrected to return the stolen moon to the sky.
It’s a wonderful brew of spaghetti western and Aztec mythology.
Short story written by Traci L. Morganfield for Realms of Fantasy.


Zelda Devon

We are Kurt Huggins and Zelda Devon. We live in a pocket-sized apartment in Brooklyn where we collect neat, weird things. Our home is abundant with books, old furniture, mismatching tea cups, and a cat named Cipher. We both illustrate stuff for money so we can continue to invent stories, buy shoelaces, watch puppet shows, and eat sandwiches.

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  1. Love the feel of this, especially the colors. Nice work!

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