Feels Like Floating Balloons by d. yee

"Feels Like Floating Balloons" by d. yee

Just completed another acrylic painting (a part of my “re-adaptation” series of original digital paintings repainted and revised as canvas pieces) titled “Feels Like Floating Balloons”. [You can view the full painting at my website.]

The cropping had always been how I envisioned the image in my mind, like a photograph taken. As if I was there to watch someone fall and to even wanting to rescue. How beautiful, almost therapeutic I thought. A graceful surrender. An almost rebirth from suffering. Learning to fall, learning to rise and overcome. Regaining yourself and your strength. The running against the wind. Learning how to lose and win. Don’t stop breathing, I would say to them. Breathe.

d. yee

d. yee is an artist based in New York City.

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