Brian Bowes wins 2008/9 KUCI Cover Contest

Bowes KUCI Cover Illustration and Design

Bowes KUCI Cover Illustration and Design

The University of California, Irvine has named Brian Bowes as the winner of their annual illustration and design contest. Brian's illustration and design will be used as the cover for the 2009 Winter Program Guide, with vignettes through out. The piece showcases his fine pen and ink technique and love for a Steam Punk aesthetic.

The Doctor [DJ] had this comment; “I love this. It reminds me of listening to old-timey radio shows with a steampunky twist. Highly detailed, very *very* well designed. Bravo.”

In his own words, Brian had this to say, “I definitely wanted to convey the eclectic nature of the radio station, while keeping with the concept that this is a winter guide.  That's why I endeavored to get a cozy feeling in the piece, the rain outside, the cup of tea, things that add up to a feeling of home, you know those days when you want to just stay home and draw and listen to the radio all day.” You can see more examples of his work and contact him at

Brian Bowes

I am an illustrator–designer living and working in San Francisco. Where I live with a beautiful wife and two cats that continue to amaze and inspire me. I am interested in commissioned works, portraiture and more. You can see more examples of my work, and contact me through my website:

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