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3D smileys


In 2006 I designed a series of 3D smiley characters for an advertising agency.

After publishing the smileys on I saw them hundreds of times in forums, as avatars, in blog posts, etcetera.

In 2009 an exact copy of one of the smileys was used without authorization for a campaign by the Dutch Veronica TV channel. My agent approached them, and after some initial defense by the company’s lawyers they paid for a rightful license.

In 2011 an orange-colored variant of the smiley with its tongue sticking out was licensed to the Canadian amusement park Funhaven.

External Link: 3D smileys

Star Bird toy spaceship part


When I was a little boy I had a cool toy spaceship called the Star Bird, with LED lights and laser sounds; a cherished childhood memory.

A retro toy collector asked me to model a 3D element of the Star Bird: the gun turret, to replace the element by 3D printing the model. A very enjoyable job with sentimental value, and I’ve taken some liberty in the design, to give a personal touch to a childhood icon.

External Link: Star Bird toy spaceship part