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Glow-in-the-Dark Hidden Message, Hand-print by designer Fanny Chu


A new Kickstarter project called Text Message, originally created by an architectural designer Fanny Chu, will definitely blow your mind and changes your view about poster. It is a dynamic art piece that glows in the dark naturally. Not only it is one of the most creative piece, but also sustainably made with silkscreen-printing by hands.

The concept of this project was mentioned by Chu, “…is to create powerful message by the art itself. I believe each character/text/word had more than one meaning. We may interpret each differently, but those meanings or messages count and make up the text itself.” There are eight design variation: each with one Chinese character. Although it may appear classy with a touch of modern under the light; in the dark, Text Message completely fascinates audience with glowing message that only reveal in the dark.

External Link: Glow-in-the-Dark Hidden Message, Hand-print by designer Fanny Chu

Wake In Fright Movie Screenprint Poster Design


A while back I was asked by the guys in Hollywood Babylon (Dublin) to come up with a screenprint design for the screening they are doing of Wake In Fright, an Australian cult movie. I hadn’t heard of the film before so first thing was getting to watch it. It is an amazing film.

There were loads of memorable scenes and visual queues you could latch to. Most existing posters focus on the scorching sunlight of the desert. For me, it was far more striking this scene where he finally “turns into the darkside”.

Anyway, once the image was clear in my head, I did a couple of sketches to nail the composition and then I set off creating the two plates, as individual black and white files, that make up this digicut.

External Link: Wake In Fright Movie Screenprint Poster Design

Winter Hazards Poster


Each year I like to come up with a unique holiday piece to send to my clients. Rather than a traditional card, this year I made a fun kid themed poster called “Winter Hazards”.

This poster pokes a bit of fun at some of the common things that kids go through each winter. Can you count how many of these situations you’ve experienced?

External Link: Winter Hazards Poster