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3D smileys


In 2006 I designed a series of 3D smiley characters for an advertising agency.

After publishing the smileys on I saw them hundreds of times in forums, as avatars, in blog posts, etcetera.

In 2009 an exact copy of one of the smileys was used without authorization for a campaign by the Dutch Veronica TV channel. My agent approached them, and after some initial defense by the company’s lawyers they paid for a rightful license.

In 2011 an orange-colored variant of the smiley with its tongue sticking out was licensed to the Canadian amusement park Funhaven.

External Link: 3D smileys

Design Tshirt Award – Japanese fashion bran open call


graniph Tshirt Design Award is a global Tshirt design competition sponsored by Design Tshirt Store graniph. The competition was started in 2008 with the aim of helping talented artists exhibit their work by exhibiting it on the inescapable canvas of the Tshirt for everyone to see.

We look forward to receiving your entries regardless of age, gender or nationality.

A fashion brand founded in 2001 in Tokyo Japan, graniph collaborates with cutting edge artists from around the world as well as using in house designs.

External Link: Design Tshirt Award – Japanese fashion bran open call

Wing’s Color Wheel – A Design Tool for Photoshop and Illustrator


Having read countless books on color theory, I set about designing this handy little tool for fellow designers and illustrators. Collecting a wide variety of approaches to picking color, it allows you to compare and create color palettes that will always be based on sound color theory. You simply open the standard Photoshop or Illustrator document and use their rotate tool to reveal the available color schemes.

External Link: Wing’s Color Wheel – A Design Tool for Photoshop and Illustrator

Archie & Ollie at the Wiltshire Heritage Museum


This year the Wiltshire Heritage Museum’s galleries have been re-fitted to tell the story of Prehistoric Wiltshire and the people who lived there. The renowned archaeology collection has been re-displayed to tell new stories and showcase the gold objects excavated from Bush Barrow near Stonehenge.

I was thrilled to have been asked to develop a child-friendly character in collaboration with the Museum’s youth panel. We ended up creating two characters, a worm and a mole named Archie & Ollie, who now appear in a family friendly trail including gallery activity sheets and interactive interpretation panels around the museum.

External Link: Archie & Ollie at the Wiltshire Heritage Museum