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Organic Gardening Illustrated Cover


I was recently asked to illustrate the Summer cover for the American magazine Organic Gardening. The theme for the cover was “Bees”…promoting the planting of flowers to attract and sustain bees that are dying off. I love to work in black silhouette when opportunity arises. For this commission I researched the Swiss/German art of “Scherenschnitte” and in particular the Czech artist, Erich Proksch (1910-2003).

External Link: Organic Gardening Illustrated Cover


New Work from Rob Bridges – The Vagabond Milliner


Samuel Puddle was an exceptional milliner (in his own mind at least) and derided the tommyrot of an existence tied to a desk or a shop. He would travel through the territories of Peevish Swale and The Hiccuboro and Iron Pot Valleys plying his trade of worn “hattage”, some would say these were actually “re-purposed” from rummage yards and employed his somewhat questionable trade in headwear repair as well. As his operation was a traveling venue, wagons were a luxury not afforded and he would often store his ware atop his head. It would have worked fine if nature hadn’t graced his walk with a bobbing motion. Which caused hats toppling every few steps and much frustration on his part…

External Link: New Work from Rob Bridges – The Vagabond Milliner