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Promoting PICASSOS – Violet Lemay


Violet Lemay has finished illustrating a wonderful 32-page unreleased children’s picture book called 100 Pablo Picassos for duopress – and is now doing the rounds by sharing the promotional experience to drum up a bit of hype. You can check out the former lecturer of self-promotion’s blog about it by following the external link. It’s part one, so there’s more to come. :)

We have a preview copy! Yay! Exciting.

External Link: Promoting PICASSOS – Violet Lemay

Alex Pardee’s insane t-shirt design…


I love this Alex Pardee tee design… I’ve no idea where to buy it and I’m not sure if it’s a bit too bright for my wardrobe. Maybe I could wear it under a jumper and just be happy in the knowledge I have the best t-shirt in the room and nobody knows it. Regardless it’s an awesome design.

External Link: Alex Pardee’s insane t-shirt design…

Grammy-Award winning DJ Diplo steals art and justifies it with harassment


This is disgusting behaviour by anyone’s standard and is just plain plain wrong. Artist Rebecca Mock should be given a public apology and awarded appropriate compensation for the theft of the work and harassment. If I was Missy Elliot I’d be embarrassed to be associated with DJ Diplo after his outburst.

External Link: Grammy-Award winning DJ Diplo steals art and justifies it with harassment

Varoom – The Fashion Issue


When is that perfect moment of Fashion, when you could be perfectly, ‘in Fashion’?

This is the kind of offbeat musing that Fashion projects often provoke. And Varoom 28 features many extravagantly offbeat visual ideas, from Prada’s use of illustration, via the feature on Fashion and Film which includes images created from a games engine by Reed + Rader, to the story of the uncommonly fabulous Flair magazine which ran for a single year, to our exclusive extract from a new book that identifies and illustrates the differing dress worn by over 40 Catholic nuns, illustrated by Ryan Todd.

Bridget Strevens-Marzo gives us a window on the different Children’s book fashions in the UK and France, and reflects on some timeless visual traits and more recent fashions. Regular contributor Marian Bantjes delivers an enigmatic uniquely crafted double-page image, and columnist Paul Davis takes his cutting scissors through fashion trends, rip-offs and the need for new clichés. Quentin Jones created Varoom 28’s striking cover image.

External Link: Varoom – The Fashion Issue