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Social Round Up: Space, Negan and a Jake Parker video interview



We saw this impressive work by Chris Hall for Ideas Fortress over on Hire an Illustrator the other week. Even though it’s for kids we might have to check out the Space app to see what we’re missing out on when it gets released. The artwork looks great!


Mark Reihill posted up a Walking Dead work in progress to accompany the roughest cliffhanger in history! Actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s portrayal of Negan is spot on if you’ve not seen it yet, but you know the comics. This season of WD is one of the most intense so far, it’s such an exciting series. The official art and fan art is alway fantastic to see and I think the quality relates to how passionate people are about the show. Plus zombie are cool!

We’ve been a big of Jake Parker's work for a longtime now and there’s a great little Jason Brusker Youtube interview with him on YouTube, that we also thought was worth sharing. Check it out…

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Japanese Yakuza, Work In Progress Graphic Novel


A sample from a personal project I am working on that is a work in progress. This piece features two characters from a graphic novel centered around the Japanese Yakuza, one of the largest crime syndicates in the world. Marker and Pen, 8.5″ x 11″ (216 mm x 279 mm)

External Link: Japanese Yakuza, Work In Progress Graphic Novel

The Portrait of Mr. Octave by Nip Rogers


Mr. Octave came to me the day after with a pile of bananas he had collected for me from his property, as a gift in return. With the little English words he could think of, he told me how much his wife and kids loved the portrait I did. I spent the next 4 days enjoying those bananas with a very full stomach. When someone gives back from the heart like that.. One of the perks of being an artist. Unfortunately I went through those deliciously organic bananas (he planted and harvested them himself) so fast I didn’t have a chance to take a photo of them. But try to image a bunch of bananas given to you as a precious gift. They tasted better than any you could find at any market.

External Link: The Portrait of Mr. Octave


In 2009 I went to Mtwapa with my niece, who is the founder of a non-profit called Reason 2 Smile. We went there to check out a school she wanted to support through her organization. This journal is more about the overall feeling of a place I’ve always wanted to experience rather than a documentation of what we did in Kenya. It’s what the people looked like to me and what the environment felt like to me. I keep these kinds of journals because they inspire future work when I get what is equivalent to a ‘writer’s block’ for an illustrator. It helps me remember what had inspired me about a certain piece at the time, and that memory recollection always brings back my flow. Some of these drawings were done during my trip – in the aeroplane, others in Mtwapa, and some I completed when I got back home.