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Design like an Egyptian, Photoshop & Illustrator Tools

The Wing's Art Extended License

Inspired by Tutankhamun, Nefertiti and the treasures of ancient Egypt, this collection offers designers an array of original illustrations, icons and design templates for perfecting your own Egyptian themed projects.

The product of countless hours of research, this set highlights the rich, decorative imagery of ancient Egypt to provide you with a ready-made library of assets to use in projects such as posters, invitations, web pages, educational presentations and more.

As an introductory offer you can save $5 off the normal purchase price when you buy this set before June 9th.

Available now from Wing’s Art and Design Studio.

External Link: Design like an Egyptian, Photoshop & Illustrator Tools

A New Website for valérydesignwrks


Summer is a great time to show off your ‘bronzage’, but since I have never been successful at tanning I would like to share with you, my brand new website, full of colourful projects! At the beginning of 2015, I made the decision to leave the agency life I had known for the last 14 years and opened the doors to my new office.

On this site, you will find work samples, a link to my online store, and information that speaks to the wide range of services valérydesignwrks offers to its clients. I would also like to invite you to visit my blog and sign up for my quarterly newsletter, which will keep you updated on all things valérydesignwrks.

I hope you enjoy your visit and have a wonderful summer!

External Link: A New Website for valérydesignwrks

Simon Brader – Inner Thought

Simon Brader Illustration

Inner Thought is an online collection of animated gifs by Simon Brader. Short animations are tiled to create a constantly looping wallpaper that the user can manipulate and explore whilst finding new patterns. A new tile will be added every week and so adding to the multitude of patterns available. Animations of the tiny insignificant thoughts that pass through our heads every second but get lost in the masses. But together they create exciting patchworks.

External Link: Simon Brader – Inner Thought

Woolly & Shaggy an interactive eBook


Woolly & Shaggy is an interactive picture book for children and adults who are young at heart. Combing animation, illustration and music, this ebook provides a two-way flow for reading stories, something readers typically do not experience with traditional picture books. This website showcased some of the animation clips from the interactive book. All the animation are framed animation created in Photoshop.

External Link: Woolly & Shaggy an interactive eBook

Wicked artwork and t-shirts from Saltopus


The LCS is very proud to let you know that Saltopus Apparel (An LCS project) is now online and taking orders. We’ve been working with some really fantastic artists and designers to bring you this new independent top quality clothing line. We have t-shirts, hoodies and socks, with lots more to come!

Visit: (Saltopus Apparel)

Sleepless Comics – Mirrors


Sleepless Comics is a regular dose of comics from around the world.

Our official illustrators collective is the Sleepless Summer Collective; this is our comics blog! We pick a theme and upload one mini-comic, each, every Monday on Eastern Time. We commit to staying sleepless, making art, from nearly every part of the world, once a week. You might find us promoting the latest favourite brushpen, or telling you the tale of the lovestruck rocket (Coming Soon). Anything is possible.

This week at Sleepless Comics: MIRRORS, with Rachel Katstaller, Shinyeon Moon, Francesca Sanna and Ignacio Serrano!

External Link: Sleepless Comics – Mirrors