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Time-Lapse Process of Making Texan Gothic Skull Magnets

Timelapse documentary capturing the process of a series of cowboy skull magnets being hand sculpted, molded, casted in resin, painted, and assembled by illustrator Brad Albright.

Featuring ‘The Betrayal in Blackwater’ -music by The Dirty Diary

Art & Video by Brad Albright
© 2014 Brad Albright


Food Inspired Paper Art by Sarah Dennis


As well as publishing a number of children’s books, producing bespoke commissions and exhibiting artwork for galleries, a major influence over this year’s work has been food! This is largely because Sarah’s brother (the chef) and father (the foodie) have teamed up and opened their very first restaurant. Sarah has helped by produced the logos, graphic designs and menu covers. But most excitingly she has also completed a beautiful collection of food inspired papercut artwork, which now features on the walls of the restaurant. Sarah believes that cooking, food and art are very much entwined and this project has opened a whole new world of artistic possibilities. She has relished the opportunity to influence a space with her paper artwork, drawing influence from the creativity of her brother’s cooking and the magic and colour of incredible ingredients.

External Link: Food Inspired Paper Art by Sarah Dennis


Process Video – Making of HELLBOY Limited Edition Collectible Magnet

In this brief time-lapse documentary I share the process of creating a limited edition series of collectible Hellboy Magnets, from original sculpture through silicone mold, resin cast duplication, hand-painting, illustrating, and packaging.

© Brad Albright 2014

HELLBOY character created by Mike Mignola –
interpreted for film by Guillermo Del Toro & Ron Perlman

“Workaday World” by Jack Beaver, public domain


Pop Artoons


The works presented are from the Art Print Project called Pop Artoons and the Pop Artoons Exhibition that will take place in Mai at Gallery Olschinsky.

The main goal of the Project was to create a series of art prints, that will be attractive for adults as well as for children. The Project is divided in three bodies of works, Dead Wood, Skull Toons and the name giver Pop Artoons.

The Dead Wood and the Pop Artoons works are based on character drawings and are my characters and designs. For the Skull Toons artworks, I decided to use a kind of hybrid between, classic cartoon characters and my cartoon skull design.

External Link: Pop Artoons at Atelier Olschinsky Art Store, Vienna


This Is Not A Toy


The exhibition explores the conceptual toy as an art and design object as well as a contemporary cultural signifier. On view until May 19, “This Is Not A Toy” transforms the museum into a candy-colored dream world, displaying both forms such as quirky tiny figures and massive freestanding sculptures. Guest curated by Pharrell Williams, which includes works by Takashi Murakami & KAWS, amongst others.

External Link: This Is Not A Toy at Design Exchange




As the name maybe suggests, the “Illuskate” table is the coming together of illustration and skateboarding in a unique limited edition piece of art-furniture.

3D Designer Stuart Melrose has collaborated with four up & coming artists to produce this unique table based on skateboard production technology of bent maple and laminated graphics. The artists Droog79, Kev Munday, DirtyThirty and Burn 353 have each produced a range of designs for the tables which will be available in two sizes and a limited edition of just 300 each.

The prototypes and first batch have already been made and sold and now we are using Kickstarter to crowd-fund the production of a larger second batch of both size tables.

You can back the project for as little as one pound and ypu start getting rewards from just 2 quid. These include some brilliant artist paper toys, a limited edition collaboration print, exclusive t-shirts and of course the beautiful tables themselves.

Please help out this grass-roots, international collaboration project!

2 GBP – Pound Sterling BUY ME


NSA Spybot

Sevensheaven-nl_NSA-Spybot-color_450 presents the NSA Spybot, a blend between a satirical wink and a serious reminder to take care of your privacy.

Surprise yourself, a family member, friend or colleague with this 10 cm (about 4 inch) high 3D print, available in a range of different materials, including full-color.

25 USD – U.S. Dollar BUY ME