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Artist Martice Smith II Joins Art Team; First Article a Success


Martice Smith II joins the Article Writers Team for the Creating Mixed Media Arts website! Once a month, she will be demonstrating her unique approach to her artwork, through articles, tutorials and providing book reviews of the leading mixed media art books, to date. The purpose of the Creating Mixed Media Arts website is to showcase a range of techniques, inspire and review mixed media art products.

Creating Mixed Media Arts website has published Martice’s first article, titled, “Urban Flair: How to Create Your Own Handmade Graffiti Sketchbook”. Artists of all skill levels, will be inspired to incorporate more of their personality to their art and art journals by pulling inspiration from the urban culture of graffiti. Martice encourages readers to “be bold in [their] mark-making” through the use of your own hand-lettering as a graffiti style that’s sure to impress! Martice also illustrates how to bind your sketchbook using a simple, 3 hole Pamphlet Stitch.

Be sure to check out Martice’s engaging article and tutorial and see how ‘wild’ you can get with your own graffiti-lettering styles.

External Link: Artist Martice Smith II Joins Art Team; First Article a Success



In collaboration with THE STANDARD HOTEL in Downtown LA, ART.COM and SNAPS. I’m thrilled to present my most recent project the “Living Collage”. The project features an interactive experience hosted by SNAPS for patrons of the STANDARD HOTEL as well as passersby who are intrigued by the visual presence of this large mixed media collage. The image itself is a futuristic landscape with imposing architectural elements devoid of its central characters. The concept of the “Living Collage” means visitors first photograph themselves using the SNAPS app and insert themselves as characters into the “Living Collage” while creating strange and compelling images. Finally, visitors to the “Living Collage” share their digital creations with friends on social media.

Stop by and be part of the “Living Collage”!

The Standard Hotel
550 S Flower St
Los Angeles, CA 90071

External Link: Mario Wagner for THE STANDARD HOTEL