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Le Sacre du Printemps (The Rite of Spring)


New body of work to be shown during the Kilkenny Arts Festival. It includes Screenprints, Gicléé prints and linocuts.

The work is inspired in Igor Stravinsky work that set-off contemporary classical music.

As per the working process, I’ve spent the last few months experimenting with printmaking textures and then collaging them into a digital composite; only to get them printed again. A little bit like that chopping and pasting that allegedly Igor Stravinsky did when composing the work that gives name and concept to this collection of work.

10% of the proceeds from the sales of the works will be donated to Cancer Research

External Link: Le Sacre du Printemps (The Rite of Spring) at Kieran St. Gallery/Blackstack Studio

Hawaiian Prints!


Reinvented by Wing’s Art and Design Studio for today’s modern designer, these 8 seamless patterns offer an instant collection of fully illustrated Hawaiian prints, giving urbanites a taste of tropical paradise to use in their own designs. From flora and fauna, to sail boats and tiki idols, these 8 repeatable patterns will give any design that perfect summer feel.

External Link: Hawaiian Prints!

Welcome to the LCS blog…

Apefluff by Darren Di LietoFormerly, the new LCS Blog will be musings, articles and comments from Darren Di Lieto (founder of the LCS) normally unrelated to any specific news item. The Apefluff archive has already been migrated to the LCS and added to the Blog category so you can still check out all the old Apefluff blog posts.

Apefluff was originally Darren’s illustration portfolio website when he used to freelance, but when that came to an end it was turned into a personal blog. The blog went through several changes including a private forum for close friends and a number of restarts until it became the official blog of the LCS, but now has come the time for it to become part of the actual LCS website.

Goodbye Apefluff, it’s been fun! Hello LCS.

Stay tuned to get background info and hear about all the brilliant projects we’re working on.

Lucy & Laura Wedding Gift


I created this artwork as a wedding gift for two of my close friends.

I included the couple (having a nice glass of wine) and their dog, their house in the background, the Bristol bridge (as we all live in Bristol) and a white tent (just like where they got engaged).

I gave them the gift last night and they seemed super happy… which made me super happy!

Three cheers to love and happiness!

External Link: Lucy & Laura Wedding Gift

Travis Simpkins Creates Portrait of Dom Flemons “The American Songster”


Recently, Travis Simpkins completed a portrait illustration of Folk musician Dom Flemons “The American Songster”. A creative multi-instrumentalist, Dom Flemons plays a lot of uncommon Folk instruments that are a delight to hear. He is well known both as a solo performer and as a founding member of the Carolina Chocolate Drops. The portrait created by Travis Simpkins is featured on Dom’s website,, and also serves as Dom’s official avatar on social media platforms.

External Link: Travis Simpkins Creates Portrait of Dom Flemons “The American Songster”

The Journey is the Inspiration – Martice Smith II contributes to Dan Eldon Project


“The Journey is the Inspiration” – a phrase coined by the late Dan Eldon, Activist, Artist, Photojournalist. To keep his legacy alive, his family invited artists to share their personal stories on how they discovered, or, how they were first introduced to Dan’s work.

Visit the website to read the full article and to see Martice’s illustrations- which includes a NEW piece! Both artworks are packed with expressive analog and digital techniques.

External Link: The Journey is the Inspiration – Martice Smith II contributes to Dan Eldon Project