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Budgie Love Mural

70 x 100 budgie

Budgie Love mural by Swedish illustrator Åsa Wikman

Here is the wall mural for all Budgie lovers, a colourful hand drawn pattern perfect for feature walls now available at The Wallery in five different sizes from 200x150cm for €159 and up to 400x300cm for €501.

Our wallpaper murals are without PVC and are produced with Latex Inks, which are odourless. PVC-free wallpaper is also easy to install and comes pre-pasted and only requires water to install and remove. Our wallpapers are also mould and mildew resistant and are printed on FSC® certified paper comes from well-managed forests and our paper contains 10% recycled content from post-consumer waste. The Wallery ship internationally.



Incontri casuali nella piazza


This painting is telling us a little story about this girl surrounded by many people in front of the ancient walls of the town. No one is really interested in her thoughts. Every day hundreds of people all over the world meet by chance in this square, thousands of eyes are crossed without really seeing, heads turn around curious to discover hidden details, legs and feet tread the paths already known for centuries … Nobody you are actually interested in anything that counts is the fact of being present in the square to be able to say I was there.

700 EUR – Euro BUY ME


Get Seen By Legendary Illustrator Gerald Scarfe – NOISE Festival 2014


UK national arts charity NOISE Festival has announced Gerald Scarfe CBE as Illustration Curator. The acclaimed Sunday Times and New Yorker cartoonist, and animator behind Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” and Disney film “Hercules” will judge submissions made to NOISE Festival 2014. He will be selecting work to go forward to be showcased ilater this year to gain recognition and media exposure. For Scarfe’s top picks, the NOISE charity will also strive to help gain mentorship and work placements.

This is a unique opportunity to have art work looked over and endorsed by a true legend in the industry as well as a serious boost to the career of aspiring artists. NOISE Festival invites emerging illustrators to create a FREE online portfolio of their work and then submit this work to the 2014 Festival online.

Check out the website for loads more info on what NOISE Festival is about and how to set up your online portfolio! Have a look at Gerald Scarfe’s interview to learn about his amazing career in illustration and animation, and to see what he will be looking for in NOISE Festival 2014 entries!

External Link: Get Seen By Legendary Illustrator Gerald Scarfe – NOISE Festival 2014


Artist Martice Smith II Joins Art Team; First Article a Success


Martice Smith II joins the Article Writers Team for the Creating Mixed Media Arts website! Once a month, she will be demonstrating her unique approach to her artwork, through articles, tutorials and providing book reviews of the leading mixed media art books, to date. The purpose of the Creating Mixed Media Arts website is to showcase a range of techniques, inspire and review mixed media art products.

Creating Mixed Media Arts website has published Martice’s first article, titled, “Urban Flair: How to Create Your Own Handmade Graffiti Sketchbook”. Artists of all skill levels, will be inspired to incorporate more of their personality to their art and art journals by pulling inspiration from the urban culture of graffiti. Martice encourages readers to “be bold in [their] mark-making” through the use of your own hand-lettering as a graffiti style that’s sure to impress! Martice also illustrates how to bind your sketchbook using a simple, 3 hole Pamphlet Stitch.

Be sure to check out Martice’s engaging article and tutorial and see how ‘wild’ you can get with your own graffiti-lettering styles.

External Link: Artist Martice Smith II Joins Art Team; First Article a Success