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90′s Inspired Art & Craft Show @ A Little Known Shop


Join us for our 2nd Annual 90′s inspired art and craft show. This year we will have vendors selling their handmade and original items, some with the theme in mind.

POG Tournament will be held in the courtyard. Make sure you get there early to be part of the fun! When you buy in, you will receive a bag filled with POGs and a special slammer.

External Link: 90′s inspired art and craft show at A Little Known Shop

Tony Norris’ Open Heart – Album Cover Portrait by Travis Simpkins


The Live album, “Open Heart”, from Southwestern Folk Singer, Storyteller and Cowboy Historian Tony Norris features a portrait illustration by Travis Simpkins on the cover.

“No western entertainer does it all with the warmth and wit of Tony Norris. Based in Flagstaff, Arizona, he is a regular at storytelling festivals, cowboy poetry gatherings, schools, campfires, and corporate conferences. Young and old alike are captivated by his homespun charm and rich tenor voice. With the accompaniment of his big Martin guitar and healthy doses of humor, he invites the adventurous spirit in each of us to leave the everyday world behind and journey into the old West. Performing solo or in an ensemble, his concerts are for those who want to hear the old songs, learn about the West, relax and have a good time. ” –

External Link: Tony Norris’ Open Heart – Album Cover Portrait by Travis Simpkins

Prologue by Dwie Judha


Prologue was my illustration that I made as a part of my first collaboration with Orang Illustration Goods, a brand from Jakarta. That were known by their products collaboration with several Indonesians artist and Illustrators. This illustration will be applied into a beautiful cushion that printed use a soft and safe material.

External Link: Prologue by Dwie Judha

‘Hospital’ drawings now on Wellcome Trust blog


After a stay in hospital last year, I decided to make some drawings about my experiences. I later submitted these to Wellcome Images where they are now available in a library of medical pictures. I was really pleased when they were recently picked to appear on the Wellcome Library blog. I have drawn and written about what happened to me and how I felt about it all. I have tried to show the hospital experience from a patient’s perspective.

External Link: ‘Hospital’ drawings now on Wellcome Trust blog

Moon Crisis at Rothick art haus

Sailor Chibi Moon EXPO

This is a recent illustration I’ve created for a Sailor Moon art show at Rothick art haus. The Moon Crisis exhibition displays a huge amount of pieces that celebrate the amazing art of this famous 90′s cartoon. The artwork was entirely made in Illustrator and has been printed in a high quality watercolor paper.

External Link: Moon Crisis at Rothick art haus