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Happy St. Jordi’s Day (International Book Day)


It is a Catalan tradition to give a book and a rose to someone you love on the day of St. Jordi (St. George). Somehow that has been recognised internationally when they decided that same day, 23rd April, was to be International Book Day. It is great to read any other day of the year, but for the day it is today: Happy St. Jordi Day! Happy Reading!

External Link: Happy St. Jordi’s Day (International Book Day)


Illustrator Naomi C Robinson Exhibits at PG Live

PG Live Postcard Nyha Cards 818.indd

First time exhibitor Naomi C Robinson is excited to introduce her lovely new range of 60 greeting card designs, launching exclusively at Progressive Greeting Live, stand 818 in the Springboard section. Naomi has illustrated, designed and published cards which are suitable for both children’s and adult markets, featuring whimsical character-based illustrations all ready for international buyers at PG Live 2014. Ethnic inclusiveness is an essential part of Naomi’s designs, and all cards are hand drawn in a distinctive, colourful and bold style. The range includes birthday, occasion, blank and age cards. The show is open to shops big, small and international buyers and Naomi’s designs are licensing friendly and all cards are available at competitive prices.

External Link: Illustrator Naomi C Robinson Exhibits at PG Live


Cataclysm art book via Kickstarter funding


On the second attempt, my first art book, Cataclysm, a post-human miniature time capsule from the future, has reached its funding goal on Kickstarter!

It’s still available to back, and I’d love to see just how much it can push past that goal. The £250 I set for this second attempt is a lot lower than the first go, which I aimed for £1000. The first time round, £317 was pledged, and this second go is currently at £259.

I’d love to beat the first attempt, and even push further, towards the original £1000! If you can pledge anything, it’s always greatly appreciated, even just an extra £1 to push the project further over that 100% funded line.

And of course, any sharing you can do helps as well.

Thanks for your support, and for anything you can pledge.

External Link: Cataclysm art book via Kickstarter funding


‘BYRONESQUE OFFLINE,’ Featuring Craig Ward Mural, Nominated for CLIO Image Award


“BYRONESQUE OFFLINE,” a shoppable retrospective that feted the one-year anniversary of vintage e-commerce and editorial site – and featured a 700-square-foot mural by B&A’s Craig Ward – is nominated for a CLIO Image Award (Engagement/Experiential).

Ward received a copy of Jens Peter Jacobsen’s poem “Company of Melancholiacs” from CEO and editor-in-chief Gill Linton and creative director Justin Westover. The text “sums up why we started Byronesque – because pandering to ‘the common herd’ has [gotten] out of control,” Linton explained. “We wanted to create something more provocative, more polarizing.”

The artist responded to the brief with an enormous mural using layered wheat-pasted posters installed in Manhattan’s former James A. Farley Post Office for three days last December. “It dealt with the idea of emotional layers and the masks we wear from day to day – the image we project … versus what lies beneath,” Ward said. “Icons of masks and fragility were juxtaposed with images of strength and sat alongside bold and raw typographic pieces. Through layering and tearing these posters, we revealed other messages, with each line trying to cover up, or being revealed by, the next.”

Regarding the CLIO Image Award, “We’re definitely the underdogs in the game, and what we did was very underground by comparison, so we were surprised when we got the call,” Linton noted, “but it is testimony to everyone who helped make it happen. We were blown away by how people threw themselves into making it better than we could ever have imagined, including Craig and his team.”

The winners will be announced May 7.

External Link: ‘BYRONESQUE OFFLINE,’ Featuring Craig Ward Mural, Nominated for CLIO Image Award


When Zombies, Screenwriters and Illustrators Collide

Screenwriters John August (Big Fish) and Craig Mazin (The Hangover) record a great weekly podcast that all creative types could benefit from. They end the shows with each sharing a ‘one cool thing’ they’ve recently discovered. I drew this 2 min scene of their on air quirky relationship.

Music: Mike Timmerman
Audio: Scriptnotes podcast


45 Eight-Second-Long Films for French TV Channel TF1


Roof Studio’s latest project was a “pretty massive undertaking,” to borrow executive producer and co-founder Crystal Campbell’s words: 45 eight-second-long films for French television channel TF1. “The brief was fairly open with a good amount of creative flexibility and that presented an exciting opportunity to us,” Campbell explained.

Campbell’s team and Paris-based motion design company Naked partnered to create the idents. “We took the designs, modeled, rigged, animated, rendered, and composited the bumpers,” she said, describing a pipeline Roof developed through and Amazon, which enabled the studio to work with talent across the globe in real time. “It was important for us to be extremely organized and create a solid system, both internally and externally,” Campbell noted. “This kept everyone connected – for instance, if a rigger working offsite needed revisions, he or she could chat directly with the model artist via Podio.” Because each bumper was made from scratch, each became its own “little world with its [own] production process.”

External Link: 45 Eight-Second-Long Films for French TV Channel TF1


Firebird: A Sketchbook by Rebecca Solow


I am so excited to share my very first artist sketchbook! Firebird is filled with the drawings and process sketches for my series on Russian Fairy Tales. Inside you will find images of witches, princes, brave maidens, wolves, and even a frog princess. Follow the link for more images and information.

12 USD – U.S. Dollar BUY ME