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45 Eight-Second-Long Films for French TV Channel TF1


Roof Studio’s latest project was a “pretty massive undertaking,” to borrow executive producer and co-founder Crystal Campbell’s words: 45 eight-second-long films for French television channel TF1. “The brief was fairly open with a good amount of creative flexibility and that presented an exciting opportunity to us,” Campbell explained.

Campbell’s team and Paris-based motion design company Naked partnered to create the idents. “We took the designs, modeled, rigged, animated, rendered, and composited the bumpers,” she said, describing a pipeline Roof developed through and Amazon, which enabled the studio to work with talent across the globe in real time. “It was important for us to be extremely organized and create a solid system, both internally and externally,” Campbell noted. “This kept everyone connected – for instance, if a rigger working offsite needed revisions, he or she could chat directly with the model artist via Podio.” Because each bumper was made from scratch, each became its own “little world with its [own] production process.”

External Link: 45 Eight-Second-Long Films for French TV Channel TF1


Firebird: A Sketchbook by Rebecca Solow


I am so excited to share my very first artist sketchbook! Firebird is filled with the drawings and process sketches for my series on Russian Fairy Tales. Inside you will find images of witches, princes, brave maidens, wolves, and even a frog princess. Follow the link for more images and information.

12 USD – U.S. Dollar BUY ME


Ancient Snake T-Shirt Design


There are three days left to vote for my new design that’s up for scoring on It’s a massive snake! If you like the look of it then please do head on over to give it your support or comments!

“As the chanting reaches its crescendo and the sacred sacrificial fire at the centre of the ancient stone circle throws tongues of dancing flame into the star-strewn sky, the deathless god of the serpents grants upon its followers a majestic vision of its writhing coils and blade-filled maw. Probably.”

External Link: Ancient Snake T-Shirt Design


Monster in the Closet Illustrations


I was recently commissioned to produce 2d background illustration for Hornet Inc. and Yves Geleyn’s short film Monster in the Closet that has just been released into the wild. The film is a heavy hitting public service announcement for US TV on gun safety and it’s already receiving some great responses.

My part in the project was to illustrate a series of locations to be used as backdrops and in places reworked by the team at Hornet into 3d geometry as part of the animation.

External Link: Monster in the Closet Illustrations