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Air Australia my New Shop and a Flower Garden


Here is a new personal work. It’s always great fun to create a piece of work, simply for your own enjoyment. Grabbing some time to experiment with new techniques also keeps your portfolio fresh. Air Australia is a promo piece that I’m going to be using shortly for my postcards and mailers, now that I have joined Hire an illustrator (yay). I’ve also recently updated my website by adding a new Shop where you can buy prints and original artwork. I’ve added my new ink on paper work called Flower Garden to the shop. It was completed over a week and was inspired by my garden. This illustration also gave me the opportunity to try out my new carbon pen. (happy dance) please stop by and take a look.

External Link: Air Australia my New Shop and a Flower Garden


Monsterwood OGN Kickstarter Campaign


Monsterwood was conceived by Jason Rosen, and further developed by two-time Emmy winner, Louise Gikow (Disney, Jim Henson Productions). The graphic novel is illustrated by Harvey award-winning fantasy artist Steve Ellis (The Only Living Boy, Dungeons & Dragons).

“My experience with creating artwork for Monsterwoood is a joy. I believe that Jason has a really unique and fun project on his hands, which is why I’ve devoted so much time making the world a reality. I’m finding myself able to take all the painting and creature work I’ve done over the years in games, like Dungeons and Dragons and World of Warcraft, and mix in the storytelling skills I developed working in comics. It’s a wonderful adventure,” notes Ellis.

Beyond the completed graphic novel, the campaign offers other exclusives and limited edition rewards including maquettes busts, glicees of pre-production concept paintings, and hand drawn illustrations by Steve Ellis.

External Link: Monsterwood OGN Kickstarter Campaign


Varoom 26 Style


Varoom 26 – The Style Issue

Illustration, Culture, Society Summer 2014

Cover illustration by Matthew Richardson

Varoom Style Issue gets under the skin of the topic of ‘Style’ including Youth culture’s original ‘style bible’ of the 1980s and 1990s, Lawrence Zeegen shows how illustration gave The Face magazine its visual compass and Art Director Paul Pensom who examines The Ephemera of Style, the disappearing flotsam and jetsam of analogue culture such as trading cards and cereal box toys. To the work of French street artist Horfee who is described in his own eccentric way as an artist who, “takes the expected norms of graffiti style and metaphorically proceeds to shred them through a mechanical mince-grinder to produce something more organic and unexpected.”

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