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2 SHOT Print Series Now Available Thru Inprnt


Following up my Never Mind the Mutants: Here’s the X-Pistols series, I’d like to announce my newest series of prints available: 2 SHOT. Essentially fetishizing compositionally emotive two-shots for some of my favorite films, 2 SHOT is the latest of my stuff that is hopefully ever increasing in size and color. Each print features a charged non-verbal exchange between the two characters rendered in each piece. Tonally they’re meant to address the connection between humans at certain crucial moments.

For the most part it’s just me diving in to stuff I love. This link also contains some other miscellany in a similar style but not included in this series. I hope you enjoy them.

External Link: 2 SHOT Print Series Now Available Thru Inprnt

Every Day Original (small works, small prices)


I am very excited to announce this new project. It’s been a labor of love, and we love art. We make it possible for everyone to be an art collector. You don’t need tons of wall space, and you don’t need tons of money. You just need good taste and our hand-picked roster of artists.

Every Day Original is a collaboration between Drawn + Drafted and our favorite illustrators. We help our artists post and sell original works to the growing market for small originals.

External Link: Every Day Original (small works, small prices)

Cover image for Corel Painter Essentials 5


My name’s Lawrence. I’m a freelance Illustrator based in the UK. I was recently asked to both beta-test and create the cover image for Corel’s new awesome painting package Painter Essentials 5. It’s the small brother to their greatly powerful Painter 2015 which I also beta-tested. Both of these are great and this year is the first time I had used either. I have to say that they will certainly change the way I paint! I know this is sounding a bit like an ad’ for Corel but I can’t praise these guys highly enough for their hard work.

External Link: Cover image for Corel Painter Essentials 5

Fishing For Compliments Playing Cards


I have created a pack of illustrated playing cards and for as little as £1 you can back this project and help my cards become a reality. You can also pre-order one of these stylish new decks this way & they are part of a limited print run and so will be very rare items.

9 GBP – Pound Sterling BUY ME

Donough O’ Malley’s online print shop


I’ve just set up an online print shop to make it easier for all the enquiries I’ve had recently about purchasing some of my prints. The ever popular ‘Giselle’ is available here, as is also the limited edition screen print for Artcrank. So swing on by and sort out all your Christmas shopping in one place!

External Link: Donough O’ Malley’s online print shop