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The LCS Presents Secret Self Volume One


This is The Little Chimp Society’s maiden voyage into producing art zines and will hopefully be the first of many. Secret Self Vol. 1 is a collection of ten secrets and ten self-portraits by an international bunch of very talented illustrators. The art zine was design and curated by Darren Di Lieto (founder of The LCS) and you can buy it from The LCS right now.

Buy Secret Self Volume One!

All funds raised from the sales of the zine will go towards supporting the LCS and it’s future art projects. You can find out more about this project on the Secret Self Project Page.

A big thank you goes out to all Vol. 1 contributors… Mark Hammermeister, Clayton Hanmer, Steven Hughes, Violet Lemay, Simon Myers, Daniel Nyari, James O’Brien, Amanda Sartor, Paul Shipper and Junichi Tsuneoka. Thanks guys!

Intelligent Sentient?


Luke Ramsey Hardcover Book published by Drawn & Quarterly, available Feb 10th

Intelligent Sentient? is a series of images that are tied together not in narrative but in a progressing theme, the takeaway being that everything is connected. The drawings contain the fine detail of a watchmaker and the visual scope of a social reform muralist. This book is meant to be read forward and backward and returned to and treated like a mystical text.

22.95 USD – U.S. Dollar BUY ME

Sunglasses After Dark, Full Blooded Collection


Vampire turned vampire hunter Sonja Blue travels the globe, hunting down and disposing of those creatures of the shadows that prey on the innocent, all the while searching for the monster that created her. But as dangerous as hunting the undead may be, it’s nothing compared to the threat posed by The Other, the demonic personality who shares her body. Originally published as a six-and-half issue miniseries in the 1990s, this compiled graphic novel edition is digitally re-colored by storyboard artist/illustrator Stan Shaw, completely re-lettered, and contains re-tweaked dialog and narration by writer Nancy A. Collins.

External Link: Sunglasses After Dark, Full Blooded Collection

2 SHOT Print Series Now Available Thru Inprnt


Following up my Never Mind the Mutants: Here’s the X-Pistols series, I’d like to announce my newest series of prints available: 2 SHOT. Essentially fetishizing compositionally emotive two-shots for some of my favorite films, 2 SHOT is the latest of my stuff that is hopefully ever increasing in size and color. Each print features a charged non-verbal exchange between the two characters rendered in each piece. Tonally they’re meant to address the connection between humans at certain crucial moments.

For the most part it’s just me diving in to stuff I love. This link also contains some other miscellany in a similar style but not included in this series. I hope you enjoy them.

External Link: 2 SHOT Print Series Now Available Thru Inprnt

Every Day Original (small works, small prices)


I am very excited to announce this new project. It’s been a labor of love, and we love art. We make it possible for everyone to be an art collector. You don’t need tons of wall space, and you don’t need tons of money. You just need good taste and our hand-picked roster of artists.

Every Day Original is a collaboration between Drawn + Drafted and our favorite illustrators. We help our artists post and sell original works to the growing market for small originals.

External Link: Every Day Original (small works, small prices)