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An LCS interview with Paul Shipper


Darren Di Lieto: Paul Shipper is an artist inspired by old school theatrical posters and the movies of the 70’s and 80’s… The hair rock years! Paul’s illustrations have been praised by the likes of J.J. Abrams, Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg, Tom Hanks, Tom Tykwer and the Wachowski’s. Now we are delighted to ask him anything we want!
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An LCS interview with Paul Kidby


Darren Di Lieto: I would like to welcome illustrator and artist Paul Kidby to the LCS. Paul Kidby (not to be confused with Josh Kirby) is a London born world renowned self-taught artist who became a freelance illustrator in 1986. He’s best known for his work on the ‘Discworld’ book jackets for Sir Terry Pratchett and has been designing them since 2002. You may have seen some of his Ook-tastic work recently if you followed the ‘Books about Town’ Riverside Trail in London in 2014. Paul is also a talented sculptor who produces beautiful and collectable bronze sculptures.
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An LCS interview with Yuko Shimizu

YES! DUMBO mural

Darren Di Lieto: I would like to welcome Japanese illustrator Yuko Shimizu to the LCS. Yuko is an instructor at the School of Visual Arts and based in New York City with a studio in midtown Manhattan. Yuko has a wonderfully unique style that has deep roots in tradition and culture while always feeling fresh and new. Over the last 10 years her work has been seen on Gap T-shirts, Pepsi cans, VISA billboards, Microsoft and Target ads, as well as on the book covers of Penguin, Scholastic, DC Comics, along with the pages of NY Times, Time, Rolling Stone and The New Yorker to name a few.
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Anthony Zinonos – LCS interview


Darren Di Lieto: Hello Anthony, by the power of Greyskull, we know that every artist can talk about themselves in a third person! Here’s your chance…

Anthony Zinonos: Born in South Africa (1981), grew up in Cyprus, artist/illustrator Anthony Zinonos now lives in the fine city of Norwich in the UK. He is a member of the WAFA collective and the proud father of two pugs. He has exhibited his collages worldwide and produced works for clients such as Chanel, Nestea, Gshock and Kate Spade.
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LCS INTERVIEW :: Matthew Scott

Please introduce yourself and what you do in no more than four sentences…

Howdy! My name is Matthew Scott and I am a colourblind freelance illustrator based in the UK. I’m currently working on my first full children’s book (long overdue) and am beginning to work on smaller editorial pieces for various magazines and publishers.
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LCS INTERVIEW :: The Boy Fitz Hammond

The Boy Fitz Hammond


TBFH is a graduate of the world famous Crayola Institute of New York, from where he earned his Black Belt in Illustration & Character Design (learning from his master, Sensai Wax). Clients include: Honda, Disney, Nickelodeon, BBC Movies, Macmillan Books, Time Out London, The Guide, The Observer, FHM, Computer Arts, DDB London, TBWA London, EVB (San Francisco) amongst others. Advertising. Editorial. Enjoyment. The Boy just loves to draw.
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Interview with Will Murai

Why do you do what you do?

I’ve drawn since I was a kid, I’ve always loved the arts…I don’t think I was inspired by someone to start, all the thing happened naturally. Art was the only subject I used to be good at school, but I never thought I could ever make money doing it. It was more like fun to me. Then, when I was 15-17 (I don’t remember well) I started doing some folders and comics for the company my dad works at, got some experience since then, and here I am now!

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John Martz Illustration


John is an illustrator and cartoonist living in Toronto. He writes about illustration, design, and visual culture under the pseudonym Robot Johnny for his personal blog on which he also distributes a small collection of typefaces including perennial favourites Girls are Weird and Turkey Sandwich. He conceived of Drawn!, like all good ideas, while goofing off at Continue Reading →