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YUK FUN – New clothing label from Patrick Gildersleeves and Lucy Cheung


YUK FUN is a new collaboration between Lucy Cheung and Patrick Gildersleeves.

YUK FUN currently stock 5 T-shirt designs – all printed in the UK. We make and design bright, colourful clothes featuring bold, beautiful patterns and designs.

External Link: YUK FUN – New clothing label from Patrick Gildersleeves and Lucy Cheung

Atlanta Rollergirls 2015 Season Opener


I am the designer for the 2015 Atlanta Rollergirls season posters. This is the first poster in a series of eight. This year we are going for a fresh style to match our slogan, “What Goes Around Comes Around”.

Be sure to check us out! If you are in the Atlanta area, stop by one of our home bouts for a guaranteed fun time.

External Link: Atlanta Rollergirls 2015 Season Opener

Promoting PICASSOS – Violet Lemay


Violet Lemay has finished illustrating a wonderful 32-page unreleased children’s picture book called 100 Pablo Picassos for duopress – and is now doing the rounds by sharing the promotional experience to drum up a bit of hype. You can check out the former lecturer of self-promotion’s blog about it by following the external link. It’s part one, so there’s more to come. :)

We have a preview copy! Yay! Exciting.

External Link: Promoting PICASSOS – Violet Lemay

Scrawl Magazine’s How to Woo iOS App


The new Issue of the Award-Winning Scrawl Digital Magazine Explores the Humorous and Touching Aspects of Our Searches for Love.

A group of popular illustrators from around the globe have come together in the name of love… that is, their love for illustration and the art of modern storytelling. Together, these talented artists have created How to Woo, a special digital handbook featuring the “dos and don’ts of the art of courtship.” Based on creative interpretations of various romantic (and humorous) gestures such as writing a love letter, getting over a broken heart and how to cry, How to Woo is debuting in the App Store just in time for Valentine’s Day.

External Link: Scrawl Magazine’s How to Woo iOS App