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Fishing For Compliments – Kickstarter Playing Cards


I am a young, female designer from the North West of England and I run my own graphic illustration business, named Pixel Initiative.

This is an exciting year for me as I have recently launched my new Kickstarter campaign aiming to raise funds for my new playing card deck design titled “Fishing For Compliments”. This is a standard deck of playing card, with illustrations of fresh water fish on each face.

There has been a great response so far from the Kickstarter audience and I have raised 20% in the first two days and also been selected as a Staff Pick. I have used various Playing Card, Fishing and also Crowd Funding forums to build an appetite for my product before launching and it has been amazing to see what the digital community can offer. The amount of helpful comments and advice has been the backbone of my achievement so far and it is obvious that a successful Kickstarter campaign is a social phenomenon.

I would welcome any further support and pledges to help transform this dream into a proud moment of achievement, and share my unique and fresh playing card designs as a tangible product.

External Link: Fishing For Compliments – Kickstarter Playing Cards

Classic Arcade Game Animated Flipok Box


Brooklyn illustrator Nate Bear branches out into animation and sculpture for Grumpy Bert’s latest exhibition, The FlipbookIt Show. Nate went a little beyond just an animated GIF in a a box by building a retro style arcade machine to house his animation inspired by two classic video games.

External Link: Classic Arcade Game Animated Flipok Box

Illustration for National Geographic Traveller UK


For the latest issue David Whitely writes about his heightened fear of people in authority when abroad. Whilst driving through Utah’s breathtaking scenery he pays no attention to the speedometer and is stopped by a traffic cop. David is reduced to a quivering wreak, but luckily he’s left off with a warning.

External Link: Illustration for National Geographic Traveller UK

Bartosz Kosowski – Society of illustrators Gold Medal for Lolita poster


Bartosz Kosowski’s “Lolita” poster has been awarded a Gold Medal in Advertising Category by the Society of Illustrators.

The poster was created as a limited edition 4 colour screen print printed on 230gr Stardream Opal metallic paper for Spoke Art’s Stanley Kubrick art show (San Francisco, September 2014).

On January 9th, 2014, the Society of Illustrators New York will be hosting the awards presentation and gala for winners of Illustration 57 in Advertising, Institutional and Uncommissioned Categories.

External Link: Bartosz Kosowski – Society of illustrators Gold Medal for Lolita poster

Sasan Pix’s Snowboard Design for SnowAddicts


Our design for Snow Addicts. We called it “Avalanche”. It shows a true snowboard addict’s dedication and passion for his sport and realization that death and life are only inches away. As a true snow addict you don’t mind the occasional snow up your nose. Its all part of the game.

External Link: Snowboard Design for SnowAddicts

Democracy and human rights in school

In 2013, the Council of Europe organized a comic design contest for K-12 and high-school students. The topic was “Democracy and Human Rights in Schools”. After a long selection process, 10 designs were chosen as sources of inspiration for our five animated movies.

The scripts were worked out in close collaboration with the staff of the Council of Europe. We sought a balance between entertainment, humour and the values children had chosen to emphasize in their comics, which include diversity, participation, human dignity and democratic practice in schools.

As many as 16 animated characters appear in the movies. Some of them were created ad hoc for this project, but most of them were taken from our animated series about the Charter for all.

To get the message across smoothly and make it universally comprehensible, we used no voiceover and kept written text to a minimum. The soundtrack was composed specifically for this project by Juan García Escudero and the videos are available in French and in English.


Direction and production: Pampaneo
Script, 2d animation, graphics and characters design: Pedro Meca
Characters design: Kelly Abanto
Sound production and music: Juan García Escudero
A special thanks goes out to Carmen Alcántara for the great support of this project!