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The Portrait of Mr. Octave by Nip Rogers


Mr. Octave came to me the day after with a pile of bananas he had collected for me from his property, as a gift in return. With the little English words he could think of, he told me how much his wife and kids loved the portrait I did. I spent the next 4 days enjoying those bananas with a very full stomach. When someone gives back from the heart like that.. One of the perks of being an artist. Unfortunately I went through those deliciously organic bananas (he planted and harvested them himself) so fast I didn’t have a chance to take a photo of them. But try to image a bunch of bananas given to you as a precious gift. They tasted better than any you could find at any market.

External Link: The Portrait of Mr. Octave

Woman’s Weekly illustrated Serial by Laura Barrett


I was recently asked by Woman’s Weekly magazine to illustrate their latest five part serial, an historical romance set in both modern times and the era of King Charles II. I had great fun researching and drawing from this period of history – especially the furniture, dresses and hairstyles!

External Link: Woman’s Weekly illustrated Serial

The Artcrank Bristol 2014 show, and prints


This is my piece for the recent Artcrank Bristol 2014 show. The first time in this city, Artcrank have been organising shows combining a love of art and bikes all across the USA and more recently in Europe since 2007. A limited edition of thirty, some prints are still available for purchase.

External Link: Artcrank Screen print show and prints

New Painting by Charmagne Coe: When the Lines Disappear, I Am Not Afraid With You


When the Lines Disappear, I Am Not Afraid With You is a new painting by American surrealist, Charmagne Coe. It was created with watercolor, ink and pastel. This painting is featured with detail photographs at her blog.

External Link: New Painting by Charmagne Coe: When the Lines Disappear, I Am Not Afraid With You

When In Seychelles by Nip Rogers


Illustrating, painting, exploring new sunny colors, new love, a new life, making friends, meeting people and learning their ways, a family portrait commission, landing a t-shirt design deal with a local studio and another one with a local distillery; this is my exhale, here’s the best of what came out of my days in Seychelles (follow that link to go to the Seychelles chapter on my website).

External Link: When In Seychelles