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Srikandi by Dicky Saputra


This works was made for the 40 years Aqua anniversary exhibition “ Finding your Indonesia”. In this exhibition Aqua selected 40 artist and illustrator to respond 40 notable events that happened in Indonesia. those selected events were started in 1973. The year when the company were first established.

Dicky’s illustration was for the year 1988, when the Indonesian women olympic archery teams received the bronze medal. It is became the first medal for Indonesia since the country first participation for the summer olympic in1952.

External Link: Srikandi by Dicky Saputra

90′s Inspired Art & Craft Show @ A Little Known Shop


Join us for our 2nd Annual 90′s inspired art and craft show. This year we will have vendors selling their handmade and original items, some with the theme in mind.

POG Tournament will be held in the courtyard. Make sure you get there early to be part of the fun! When you buy in, you will receive a bag filled with POGs and a special slammer.

External Link: 90′s inspired art and craft show at A Little Known Shop

Moon Crisis at Rothick art haus

Sailor Chibi Moon EXPO

This is a recent illustration I’ve created for a Sailor Moon art show at Rothick art haus. The Moon Crisis exhibition displays a huge amount of pieces that celebrate the amazing art of this famous 90′s cartoon. The artwork was entirely made in Illustrator and has been printed in a high quality watercolor paper.

External Link: Moon Crisis at Rothick art haus

100 Cats at A-side B-side Gallery


A purrrfect show for feline fanatics, 100 Cats will feature a multitude of moggies created by an exciting and diverse line up of artists and illustrators. All work will be for sale and there will be unframed prints available to purchase at affordable prices. For anyone attending with a ‘cat face’ there will be an additional reward on offer.

Curated by illustrator and cat lover Laura Hughes, the show will feature both established and emerging talent including Yasmeen Ishmail – winner of the V&A Best Illustrated Book Award 2014, Red Cat, Blue Cat creator Jenni Desmond and illustrator Sandra Dieckmann whose clients include Random House, Sky and Al Jazeera US.

External Link: 100 Cats at A-side B-side Gallery

Le Sacre du Printemps (The Rite of Spring)


New body of work to be shown during the Kilkenny Arts Festival. It includes Screenprints, Gicléé prints and linocuts.

The work is inspired in Igor Stravinsky work that set-off contemporary classical music.

As per the working process, I’ve spent the last few months experimenting with printmaking textures and then collaging them into a digital composite; only to get them printed again. A little bit like that chopping and pasting that allegedly Igor Stravinsky did when composing the work that gives name and concept to this collection of work.

10% of the proceeds from the sales of the works will be donated to Cancer Research

External Link: Le Sacre du Printemps (The Rite of Spring) at Kieran St. Gallery/Blackstack Studio

Work + Play exhibit


Denise Gallagher’s piece, “Harmonious Life (With Thylacine) was chosen to be included in Land Gallery’s show “Work + Play”, a collaboration with ICON8. The show included work from 70 illustrators from around the world who were attending the ICON8 illustration conference. The opening of the show was held on Friday, July 11 during the conference and the show will be on display until August 24, 2014.

External Link: Work + Play exhibit at Land Gallery



‘SOUVENIR DE BARCELONA’ – POSTERS. This collection of posters is my small homage to Barcelona, still a little bit of a tourist in the city in some respects, even after four years of living here, I see the the ordinary as exotic.

A mix of blue skies, architecture, found typography, street patina and daily life – These posters are new souvenirs for both visitors and natives alike. Combining collage, drawing, words and found imagery to create modern posters as keepsakes from a wonderfully inspiring city.



Road to Ayahuasca


An exhibition of prints by London-based illustrator Helen Lord. Her work explores patterns in nature, beginning at quantum level and inspired by everything from the Mandelbrot set to falling leaves. She creates fictional narratives influenced by classic fiction, folklore, dreams, current events and music. Her approach varies from ‘automatic drawing’ to ‘Wouldn’t it be brilliant if…’

External Link: Road to Ayahuasca at Rolling Stock London