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30 Years of Dragonball tribute for


A short while ago I had the opportunity of being part of a 30th Anniversary of Dragon Ball Art Show at Q POP in Los Angeles, CA. My piece, ‘The Journey Begins’ was noticed by the fan-run website, I had the wonderful opportunity of having my illustration featured as the cover splash page for their fanzine, with the issue celebrating 30 years of Akira Toriyama’s legacy, Dragon Ball.

External Link: 30 Years of Dragonball tribute for

Promoting PICASSOS – Violet Lemay


Violet Lemay has finished illustrating a wonderful 32-page unreleased children’s picture book called 100 Pablo Picassos for duopress – and is now doing the rounds by sharing the promotional experience to drum up a bit of hype. You can check out the former lecturer of self-promotion’s blog about it by following the external link. It’s part one, so there’s more to come. :)

We have a preview copy! Yay! Exciting.

External Link: Promoting PICASSOS – Violet Lemay

Illustrator… What? Comic by Vann Law


Among my close circle of family and friends, there are no illustrators or anyone working in the arts. The idea of illustrators working professionally with a contract is foreign. So, I figured I could try explaining briefly how it works, or at least how I’ve learnt to work using a comic of sorts, addressing a character who has never hired an illustrator before. The comic is vertical and long, so I had to chop it into parts. The Link below leads to the full comic.

External Link: Illustrator… What? Comic by Vann Law

Japanese Yakuza, Work In Progress Graphic Novel


A sample from a personal project I am working on that is a work in progress. This piece features two characters from a graphic novel centered around the Japanese Yakuza, one of the largest crime syndicates in the world. Marker and Pen, 8.5″ x 11″ (216 mm x 279 mm)

External Link: Japanese Yakuza, Work In Progress Graphic Novel