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Design Tshirt Award – Japanese fashion bran open call


graniph Tshirt Design Award is a global Tshirt design competition sponsored by Design Tshirt Store graniph. The competition was started in 2008 with the aim of helping talented artists exhibit their work by exhibiting it on the inescapable canvas of the Tshirt for everyone to see.

We look forward to receiving your entries regardless of age, gender or nationality.

A fashion brand founded in 2001 in Tokyo Japan, graniph collaborates with cutting edge artists from around the world as well as using in house designs.

External Link: Design Tshirt Award – Japanese fashion bran open call


Draw A Dot. x Weloooooveit Contest: Italian Divas


Deadline: January 5 11:59pm EST.
An amazing contest open to illustrator and fashionillustrators, curated by Drawadot. The illustration can be realistic, abstract, or even surreal, but it has to somewhat related to the Art Deco or Art Nouveaux era. You are also more than welcome to give a modern take on these women’s fashion. The size of the postcard will be 6’’ x 4’’ or 4’’ by 6’’.

The winner will earn a cash prize of 200€ and will be published as a cover of the international magazine.

External Link: Draw A Dot. x Weloooooveit Contest: Italian Divas


Ashaninka – a call to action


Lately, I took part to this call to action in favor of the Ashaninka peoples. Edmond Baudouin decided to help them fight a dam project that could drown their land by collecting drawings and somehow raising awareness about their desperate situation. He intends to create a blog with all the images collected, and maybe a book too. So, if you are a creative person, do not hesitate, pull something out and send it to him. It’ll be a nice collection of images and it is all for a good cause.

External Link: Ashaninka – a call to action


Doodle Swap #16: “Science Fiction” Now Registering


No matter how weird or futuristic, reach into the outer limits of your mind and get GEEKY with us for round #16! Sign up until October 7th. Doodles will be due in the mail by January 17th, 2014.

The Doodle Swap Project is a group of artists, designers, and illustrators who swap hand-drawn doodles.

External Link: Doodle Swap #16: “Science Fiction” Now Registering


Join in the Twoodle Fun

Twoodle waves coconut flip flops

Calling all Illustrators to #Twoodle Wednesday! What’s a Twoodle? A tweet and a doodle. A new creative Twitter group created by Alicia Padrón, Children’s Book illustrator (@aliciapadron). Anyone can tweet suggested random words weekly with Twoodle. Every Wednesday fabulous illustrators pick TWO words, create a illustration, pop it on your blog and Tweet about it with tag #Twoodle

External Link: Join in the Twoodle Fun


Call for Entries – Serco Prize for Illustration 2014


The Association of Illustrators, in partnership with London Transport Museum, is now welcoming submissions for the Serco Prize for Illustration 2014.

The deadline for entries is Sunday 3 November 2013.

This year the theme is London Stories and entrants are asked to capture a well-known or little known narrative in a single image; all stories, current or historical, real or fictional are welcome. Stories could be those seen in a film or play, heard in poetry or music, read in literature or an urban myth.

This is an exciting challenge for artists to depict a colourful, inspiring and vibrant, multi-layered London. The competition is open to illustrators and students throughout the world, and for the first time also for illustrators working in animation as there will be the option to display animations during the exhibition.

The top 50 entries to impress the panel of judges are displayed at the famous London Transport Museum and have a chance of winning the top prize of £2000.

Image by Anne Wilson, winner Serco Prize for Illustration 2011

External Link: Call for Entries – Serco Prize for Illustration 2014


So How Did We Do? – Mail Me Art


So How Did We Do parts one and two. Blog posts about how we did and what we got up to while running the Mail Me Art project Short & Sweet are now online. You can read them and check out some cool photos over on the Mail Me Art site. Don’t forget, if you want to take part in the next Mail Me Art, please buy the book.

Part one:
Part two:
Buy the book:

External Link: So How Did We Do? – Mail Me Art


To Die For – An Illustrated Pin-up Calendar


To Die For – A Pin-Up Calendar celebrating some of the greatest women in history as they pose from beyond the grave.

My idea was to take the template of the Pin-up calendar – a collection of women objectified for their looks and sexuality, and flip it – featuring instead, women who were remembered for their acts, achievements, and courage (in addition to their beauty). Some of the featured Pin Ups are: Marie Antoinette, Zelda Fitzgerald, Emilia Earhart, Freda Kahlo and Isadora Duncan.

External Link: To Die For – An Illustrated Pin-up Calendar


Captain Yeah! Exquisite Corpse


I’m starting a new exciting experiment with my character Captain Yeah! If you have not yet read my comic strip check it out by following the link to my site. Captain Yeah! is a psychonaut dude who travels through time and space solving problems and closing holes in existence.

I would like to invite artists, illustrators, lovers to participate in an Exquisite Corpse experiment starring Captain Yeah! Each artist will only see the last third of the previous page and will to continue the narrative ‘blind’.

If you fancy having a go just get in touch!

External Link: Captain Yeah! Exquisite Corpse


St. Georgia’s Interactive Adventure – come join in!


St. Georgia’s Interactive Adventure is a new project directed by Robin Boyden and written by everyone. By that, I mean anyone who wishes to contribute. Each week a new question is set on the blog to advance the story further, what happens though, is up to you. Submit a word, submit a paragraph, I will try to fit them all in. Currently we have just finished our second episode, with drawings from myself. The next question is set as we see Georgia begin her first mission in the desert.

External Link: St. Georgia’s Interactive Adventure – come join in!