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Doodle Swap #17 Now Registering


Get ready for round #17! There is no official theme for this round, so you can choose your own adventure! Are you bummed that you missed our last round’s Science Fiction theme? Never fear – we can’t get enough of that, so feel free to make it your own for round #17. Doodles will be due in the mail by April 25th, 2014. More details about The Doodle Swap Project can be found at For questions, please contact

External Link: Doodle Swap #17 Now Registering

100, the Artbook


Hi! I’m Daniela , book illustrator and cover artist :)
I started a project where 100 BOOK AUTHORS from around the world and the artist will be involved , creating an own worldwide window.
If u want to be part of “100” or if u are just curios take a look my campaign.

External Link: 100 , the Artbook

Creative Pet Project Art Book fundraising campaign


Over the past two years a collaboration of 111 artists and illustrators from around the world has come together, to form the Creative Pet Project. Their intent is to create a unique and beautiful book. But a book with a difference. The aim of the book would be to raise fund to donate to animal charities. And for this reason the criteria of inclusion in the book was that they had companion animal and at the same time included animals in their artwork. The book is now ready, and ready to print. This saturday sees the launch of the funding campaign at Indiegogo (follow link in news thread), where the project feels confident in getting the money to make the book, as well as continue this project to further volumes.

The charities concerned in the book are planned at three per volume. The first volume has included PETA, IFAW and Born Free USA as the recipients of the money collected from sales. These charities are doing invaluable work for animals, the environment and education and deserve the support from us all. The talent in the book is endless. Many a well-known name in the areas of pop surrealism, lowbrow art, illustration and children’s book illustration have come together, because their goal and motive is the same; to help animals. To name a few, the project has world famous illustrator and painter Anita Kunz, world famous illustrator Yuko Shimizu, Ricardo Martinez Ortego, Heiidi Tailleferr, Tara McPherson, Martin Wittfooth, award winning illustrator, Jackie Morris, Chet Zar, Dilka Bear, John Brophy, Ana Bagayan, Chris Brett, Sas Christian, Brian Kesinger (of Teagirl fame) and Brandt Peters/Kathie Olivas participating.

For more information, and to pledge some money to make this project work, or to pre-order a copy of the soft back or hardback versions please visit the campaign site at the link provided. We have many perks/rewards to help you decide in funding the project, as well as our gratitude. For the cost of a cup of coffee, you could help make a difference.

External Link: Creative Pet Project Art Book fundraising campaign



As the name maybe suggests, the “Illuskate” table is the coming together of illustration and skateboarding in a unique limited edition piece of art-furniture.

3D Designer Stuart Melrose has collaborated with four up & coming artists to produce this unique table based on skateboard production technology of bent maple and laminated graphics. The artists Droog79, Kev Munday, DirtyThirty and Burn 353 have each produced a range of designs for the tables which will be available in two sizes and a limited edition of just 300 each.

The prototypes and first batch have already been made and sold and now we are using Kickstarter to crowd-fund the production of a larger second batch of both size tables.

You can back the project for as little as one pound and ypu start getting rewards from just 2 quid. These include some brilliant artist paper toys, a limited edition collaboration print, exclusive t-shirts and of course the beautiful tables themselves.

Please help out this grass-roots, international collaboration project!

2 GBP – Pound Sterling BUY ME

Unemployed characters


So, we’re already cooking a new little project for the new year. We want to create a job center for unemployed animated characters, but this project needs your voice. Literally.

We would like to invite you to get involved by becoming an animated character of your own device, all we need is your voice and your imagination.

All you need to do is:

1. Asume the personality of an animated character. Give yourself a name and a personality. Think what kind of character are you, what are your strengths and weaknesses… What’s your dream role?

2. Record a voice memo on your phone with your advert looking for work.

3. Email it to us! with your name and address.

4. You’ll receive our eternal gratitude and an IOU for a hug. We’ll post the best ones here and if your clip gets chosen to be animated we will send you a HD version with a little ‘thank you’ gesture for your time.

External Link: Unemployed characters

Design Tshirt Award – Japanese fashion bran open call


graniph Tshirt Design Award is a global Tshirt design competition sponsored by Design Tshirt Store graniph. The competition was started in 2008 with the aim of helping talented artists exhibit their work by exhibiting it on the inescapable canvas of the Tshirt for everyone to see.

We look forward to receiving your entries regardless of age, gender or nationality.

A fashion brand founded in 2001 in Tokyo Japan, graniph collaborates with cutting edge artists from around the world as well as using in house designs.

External Link: Design Tshirt Award – Japanese fashion bran open call

Draw A Dot. x Weloooooveit Contest: Italian Divas


Deadline: January 5 11:59pm EST.
An amazing contest open to illustrator and fashionillustrators, curated by Drawadot. The illustration can be realistic, abstract, or even surreal, but it has to somewhat related to the Art Deco or Art Nouveaux era. You are also more than welcome to give a modern take on these women’s fashion. The size of the postcard will be 6’’ x 4’’ or 4’’ by 6’’.

The winner will earn a cash prize of 200€ and will be published as a cover of the international magazine.

External Link: Draw A Dot. x Weloooooveit Contest: Italian Divas