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Firebird: A Sketchbook by Rebecca Solow


I am so excited to share my very first artist sketchbook! Firebird is filled with the drawings and process sketches for my series on Russian Fairy Tales. Inside you will find images of witches, princes, brave maidens, wolves, and even a frog princess. Follow the link for more images and information.

12 USD – U.S. Dollar BUY ME


Mummy You’re Special To Me


Melbourne illustrator Kim Fleming has a new book out through Scholastic Australia.

“Follow Little Giraffe’s journey in this beautiful story to share with your special mummy. A sweet story with gorgeous watercolour illustrations, this would make a wonderful gift for mums and bubs!”

16.99 AUD – Australian Dollar BUY ME


Jim Jarmusch Portrait Illustration for Nylon Guys


I got the amazing opportunity to create a portrait illustration of one of my favorite filmmakers Jim Jarmusch for Nylon Guys April 2014 issue. Jarmusch who made movies such as Down by Law, Night on Earth, Dead Man and Ghost Dog is characterized as a minimalist filmmaker. His movies are often unhurried with long still shots and focus more on character development and mood instead of clear plot progression. My approach to illustration is very similar, which made this project even more a perfect match!

External Link: Jim Jarmusch Portrait Illustration for Nylon Guys


Artist Martice Smith II Joins Art Team; First Article a Success


Martice Smith II joins the Article Writers Team for the Creating Mixed Media Arts website! Once a month, she will be demonstrating her unique approach to her artwork, through articles, tutorials and providing book reviews of the leading mixed media art books, to date. The purpose of the Creating Mixed Media Arts website is to showcase a range of techniques, inspire and review mixed media art products.

Creating Mixed Media Arts website has published Martice’s first article, titled, “Urban Flair: How to Create Your Own Handmade Graffiti Sketchbook”. Artists of all skill levels, will be inspired to incorporate more of their personality to their art and art journals by pulling inspiration from the urban culture of graffiti. Martice encourages readers to “be bold in [their] mark-making” through the use of your own hand-lettering as a graffiti style that’s sure to impress! Martice also illustrates how to bind your sketchbook using a simple, 3 hole Pamphlet Stitch.

Be sure to check out Martice’s engaging article and tutorial and see how ‘wild’ you can get with your own graffiti-lettering styles.

External Link: Artist Martice Smith II Joins Art Team; First Article a Success


Twins in Time – New Children’s book from Chris Jones and Zach Weinersmith


Announcing the launch of a new children’s book with a science twist!

Twins in Time is a visual adventure written in verse. It is written with children in mind, but particularly intelligent adults are welcome to come along. Twins in Time explores the classic physics question called “The Twins Paradox” in a brisk and lighthearted style.

Each page is a full color painting by acclaimed children’s book illustrator, Chris Jones. The text of the story is written by Zach Weinersmith, the cartoonist who creates Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal.

For those who demand a bit more rigor in their children’s literature, physicist and bestselling author Dr. Sean Carroll has written a brief discussion of time at the end of the book.

External Link: “Twins in Time”- New Children’s book from Chris Jones and Zach Weinersmith


The illustrated Edgar Allan Poe – Canterbury Classics – Diramazioni illustration


Cover illustration and 29 interior illustrations for the literary pop-up book “The Illustrated Edgar Allan Poe”, commissioned by Quarto Children’s Books (UK), published by Canterbury Classics, 2013/2014.

“Four chilling tales from the master of the macabre, includes six inspired pop-up creations.”

Cover and interior illustrations: J. Angiulli and L. Mondini at
Additional drawings: Tom Duxbury
Paper Engineering: Alan Brown, Richard Ferguson
Senior Editor: Diane Pengelly
Design Manager: Dan Bramall
Art Director: Jonathan Gilbert
Publisher: Sue Grabham

External Link: The illustrated Edgar Allan Poe – Canterbury Classics – Diramazioni illustration