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Classic Arcade Game Animated Flipok Box


Brooklyn illustrator Nate Bear branches out into animation and sculpture for Grumpy Bert’s latest exhibition, The FlipbookIt Show. Nate went a little beyond just an animated GIF in a a box by building a retro style arcade machine to house his animation inspired by two classic video games.

External Link: Classic Arcade Game Animated Flipok Box

Manchester Christmas Advert 2014 for M-Four & Marketing Manchester

This year we’re very proud to have made the Manchester Christmas advert for M-Four and Marketing Manchester. Using Owen Davey’s posters as a starting point, we designed and built our version of Manchester at Christmas. It will be showing on ITV from November 11th. We hope you like it.

Directed by: Sam Jones
Producer: Jon Turner
Character Design: Emma Reynolds and Sam Jones
Background Design: Kristian Duffy and Owen Davey
2D Animation: Sam Jones, Jonathan Redmond
3D Animation: Jon Salter
3D Build and Composite: Paul Campbell
Music: Heather Fenoughty at The Composer Works

Democracy and human rights in school

In 2013, the Council of Europe organized a comic design contest for K-12 and high-school students. The topic was “Democracy and Human Rights in Schools”. After a long selection process, 10 designs were chosen as sources of inspiration for our five animated movies.

The scripts were worked out in close collaboration with the staff of the Council of Europe. We sought a balance between entertainment, humour and the values children had chosen to emphasize in their comics, which include diversity, participation, human dignity and democratic practice in schools.

As many as 16 animated characters appear in the movies. Some of them were created ad hoc for this project, but most of them were taken from our animated series about the Charter for all.

To get the message across smoothly and make it universally comprehensible, we used no voiceover and kept written text to a minimum. The soundtrack was composed specifically for this project by Juan García Escudero and the videos are available in French and in English.


Direction and production: Pampaneo
Script, 2d animation, graphics and characters design: Pedro Meca
Characters design: Kelly Abanto
Sound production and music: Juan García Escudero
A special thanks goes out to Carmen Alcántara for the great support of this project!

Time-Lapse Process of Making Texan Gothic Skull Magnets

Timelapse documentary capturing the process of a series of cowboy skull magnets being hand sculpted, molded, casted in resin, painted, and assembled by illustrator Brad Albright.

Featuring ‘The Betrayal in Blackwater’ -music by The Dirty Diary

Art & Video by Brad Albright
© 2014 Brad Albright