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What is the secret of your success?

I think it’s probably an odd combination of factors. Tenacity, a little talent, the need to put food on the table. It’s amazing how motivating the need to put food on the table is. Beyond all that, I think I’ve been very good at figuring out where I fit in the world of illustration and design and then always being able to adapt as an artist to the shifts and changes within the market.
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LCS INTERVIEW :: Kristian Olson


If you could not use a computer; would you be able to create the level of detail you produce in your work?

This is a great question. I haven’t been able to address this in an interview yet. My answer might turn into a little bit of a rant. You have my apologies in advance.

Here’s the short answer: No. I could not do what I am doing using traditional tools. I am not a masochist.
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Tan the Man – James Titterton

Tan the Man - James Titterton

I am offering my skin as a light sensitive material, upon which I am willing to have appropriate visual content ‘developed’ as a suntan. I am looking for content for this piece, and have decided to offer this opportunity up as a competition. Open to absolutely anybody who would like to submit a feasible design, I am appealing for submissions that you would like to see captured in suntan upon my body. – James Titterton

Looks like a fun project! You can find out how to get involved by visiting If you’re wondering how this works, James has prepared a diagram of his body for you to decorate and email back to him, the diagram can be found by downloading this PDF. The chosen design will turned into vinyl stickers applied to his skin before he walks into a tanning booth.

The finished image will be displayed at the Arden & Anstruther Photographic Gallery in Petworth, West Sussex, where I will stand as an exhibit in a photography show. – James Titterton

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Do you know Kung Fu?

As you probably see in our artworks, we’ve been inspired a lot by anything related to martial arts. Spive and I have always been big fans of martial arts. I remember, when I was young (7-8 years old) and just arrived in Canada, my uncles used to bring me to theatre in Chinatown to watch some Shaw Brothers movies…. At home, they always rented martial arts movies or series in Vietnamese. I was already submerged by that culture!!!!
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Everything I hear about Milwaukee seems to suggest its perfect, and all the people I meet from Milwaukee are so nice. This seems very strange – what is wrong with Milwaukee?

I’d say our best feature is the Art Museum. It has a great collection of work, you’ve gotta check it out if you’re in town. A few years ago they added a huge expansion, so we’ve been getting some good shows and attention since then. The city has a strong gallery scene, which makes living an artist life possible.

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Have you ever been arrested for any Art related incident, what do you think about Banksy and do you condone sticker art on public property?

In recent years I’ve been able to evade trouble in one way or another. I lace up the kickers really tight and choose the right spots. I’d rather put up 300 stickers in one afternoon on a crowded Newbury Street in Boston than try to do the same thing at 2 am. Seems a bit backwards, but it is the way to get shit done.

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LCS INTERVIEW :: The Little Friends of Printmaking



The Little Friends of Printmaking are a husband-and-wife team of silkscreen artists living and working in Madison, Wisconsin. Emerging onto an already crowded poster art scene in early 2003, The Little Friends quickly established themselves as an indispensable new talent. They are best known for the interplay of layers in their prints, and a playful looseness that leads the viewer to consider the process by which the image was created. This notion is central to their work– As commercial screenprinting becomes practically obsolete, the Little Friends do their part to demystify the process and re-affirm the qualities that make screenprints desirable and unique among works on paper. Their visual language is steeped in popular and material culture: toys, comics, television cartoons– rock posters as re-imagined by an acid-burned 5-year old.

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