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Baseball Glove Art by Sean Kane


One-of-a-kind artwork that merges baseball legends with classic gloves. Sean Kane’s hand-painted baseball gloves evoke powerful memories of a fan’s first glove, a first game, a favorite player.

Join us at the Opening Night Party! Chat with Sean over a complimentary beer and ballpark snack while enjoying baseball art as never seen before.

External Link: Baseball Glove Art by Sean Kane at Bergino Baseball Clubhouse

Sean Kane – What’s Old is “Moo” Again

Here’s a quick, fun look at how a dull ol’ saw became a sharp way to depict a family farm.  I transformed the rusty antique into a l-o-n-g, folksy illustration while visiting my in-laws in Indiana.

Cattle, pigs, barns, and tractors might not figure into every vacation (or illustration project), but it was good fun this summer.

External Link: Sean Kane – What’s Old is “Moo” Again