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Author Archive | Melanie Renaux

Sidekicks CD Cover Artwork


This is my finished illustration for a CD cover for the Sidekicks team based in Greece. The finished artwork shows, a modern urban Greek god Atlas holding the world. I’ve combined this with some architectural elements taken from the other artists home towns involved in the project. And also added a native bird from the US for another contributor. One of the reasons I have taken part in this project; was that the finished CD was going to be available as a free download so my artwork and time were also given freely for this project. You can find a link to download the CD at my portfolio site.

External Link: Sidekicks CD Cover Artwork

Air Australia my New Shop and a Flower Garden


Here is a new personal work. It’s always great fun to create a piece of work, simply for your own enjoyment. Grabbing some time to experiment with new techniques also keeps your portfolio fresh. Air Australia is a promo piece that I’m going to be using shortly for my postcards and mailers, now that I have joined Hire an illustrator (yay). I’ve also recently updated my website by adding a new Shop where you can buy prints and original artwork. I’ve added my new ink on paper work called Flower Garden to the shop. It was completed over a week and was inspired by my garden. This illustration also gave me the opportunity to try out my new carbon pen. (happy dance) please stop by and take a look.

External Link: Air Australia my New Shop and a Flower Garden

Festive Card Design The winter Penguin


Each year I admire the cards other designers and illustrators create for Christmas. So this year I thought, I would illustrate my own. After I had finished the first design The Winter Bear; I enjoyed it so much I thought I’d make a small set. I always like my work to have lots of detail, usually this is combined with quite vibrant colours, but here I wanted to try something a little softer so I’ve opted for a neutral palette. Also I wanted to stay away from the usual Santa and Christmas Tree. The three finished illustrations are combination of Victorian influence with a contemporary feel. I’ve used 0.1- 0.2 and 0.5 Staedtler pigment liners and Adobe Illustrator CC for colour, design and comp. I hope you like them.

Title: Festive Card Design The winter Penguin
Copyright: Melanie Renaux

The Winter Bear


I thought I’d put something together for the festive season. Just for fun, and this is the first illustration I’ve finished it’s called The Winter Bear, and has a vintage feel to it. I really enjoyed creating this one, so I’m going to make a small set, keeping with the same neutral palette.

Title: The Winter Bear
Copyright: Melanie Renaux