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New Illustrations for New Moon Magazine for Girls


I just finished a series of illustrations for New Moon Magazine for Girls, which is a great magazine for girls written by girls! I illustrated a story written by Zosha Matheson Dadey, age 15, titled, “Flipped Fairy Tale.”

The story is about a girl who gets captured by a dragon. Before the dragon eats her she starts telling him stories about a Chimera, which is part lion, snake and goat. Awesome!! The dragon likes her stories to she continues to tell him more so he doesn’t eat her. A knight comes and tries to save her from the dragon, but he faints out of fear. The girl tricks the dragon, and with the knight’s sword she kills the dragon. When the knight awakens he says, “I saved you from the dragon!” The girl says, “No I saved YOU from the dragon!” This explains the misunderstanding of the traditional story of the Knight saving princesses from dragons.

What a great twist on a traditional story with an empowering message for girls!

External Link: New Illustrations for New Moon Magazine for Girls