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AOI – The Most Important Resource for an Illustrator

This comprehensive manual covers all aspects of the law likely to affect illustrators. It contains recommended terms and conditions, advice on calculating fees, negotiating, copyright information, how to write a license agreement and be protected against exploitative practices…

Questions answered in the Guide include:
– My illustration is based in a photograph. Will I be in trouble?
– Is it OK to include a trademark in my illustration?
– I’ve been asked for ‘below-the-line’ rights. What are they?
– I’ve been asked to ‘waive my Moral Rights’. What are moral rights? What does ‘waiving them’ mean?
– My client says we have a contract, but I haven’t signed anything. Is she right?

“This essential guide to legal and business practice offers illustrators practical guidance on how to secure a fair deal and protect their rights. An indispensable resource for every illustrator.”
Helen Dutta, Copyright Adviser, Design and Artists Copyright Society

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