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Peter Fasolino – Fireside Chat

or How I learned Democrats can't get their message across

FIRESIDE CHAT or How I learned Democrats can’t get their message across.

I will accept illustration jobs from most clients even Republican fundraisers. I draw the line just short of Nambla and abusers of animals like Michael Vick… You remember the worshiped, dimwitted football player that had the illegal dog fighting ring. Anyway, I digress. A client just to the right of John Birch, hired me to illustrate this art… Obviously, it is not kind to Obama or the liberal media. But the irony here is something my wife said to me when I started this drawing. Basically, Katrin stated that she would want her President to be as shrewd and manipulative to get his message out there to the American Public. Obama is shown here, strategizing his covert agenda with his pawns of the media, liberal groups, etc., that I was instructed to draw. As this past midterm election demonstrated, Obama failed to get his message across. If Obama had half the chops of Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck, maybe my client would have something to really worry about.