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Where’s Stig? The World Tour – Rod Hunt’s New Book for Top Gear

Where's Stig? The World Tour - Rod Hunt's New book for Top Gear

Where’s Stig? The World Tour – Rod Hunt’s New Book for Top Gear

After hitting the top of last year’s Christmas book charts & seemingly never out of the news, The Stig makes like a rock star with his very own World Tour, brought to you by illustrator Rod Hunt

From the European hotspots of Monaco or Rome to the distant towers and jungles of the Americas, from the sun, sea, sand and, er, more sand of Australia, to the sun, sea, sand and slightly sticky pavements of Blackpool, the boys are making a very public mess of it. The Stig, meanwhile, is maintaining a typically low profile. Magnifying glasses at the ready…

London based Illustrator Rod Hunt has built a reputation for retro tinged Illustrations & detailed character filled landscapes. Where’s Stig? his first book for Top Gear was a Christmas smash hit becoming the UK’s 4th bestselling hardback non fiction book of 2009 & 35th over all in books, selling in excess of a quarter of a million copies.

The sequel Where’s Stig? The World Tour illustrated by Rod Hunt is published by BBC Books on 30th September 2010 & is available to pre-order on Amazon now